Architecture in London

Back in December I¬†took a trip up to London to take some pictures for my photography. For this shoot we got to choose a topic for our shoot. I wanted to focus my shoot on architecture as this looked quite interesting and there were lots of artists to research when looking at architecture. I also... Continue Reading →

Libester Award

Last week I was very kindly nominated for the Libester¬†Award by my lovely blogger friend Louise from Louise Bodle. This award is similar to an award I was nominated for called The Versatile Blogger Award. These things are great as they are new ways for people to find new bloggers as its one of those... Continue Reading →

Primark Try-on Haul

I recently went and did some damage in Primark. Yeah, I spent a lot of money, but the good thing that came out of it was a Primark haul! Right? I haven't done a haul in ages and I thought I would give a try-on haul a try, see how it goes and all that!... Continue Reading →

Reflection In London

Last week I handed in my urban environment photography project that is worth 60% of my grade and over the past few months I have been sharing images that I have taken over the course of this project. Just before the new year Mum and I went up to London to do a couple of... Continue Reading →

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