Real Techniques Blush Brush Review


Back in February I treated myself to a new makeup brush as I hadn’t bought one for myself in a while, plus I went into the new Superdrug store in Bournemouth and I get 10% off of there because of my student discount and I thought that I could justify it! I have also had my eye on this brush for a while as I’ve never really had a brush that I thought was great for blush. I used to use the Real Techniques contour brush and yes that it is good but I always felt that was much better at applying highlight. Therefore, I treated myself to this brush for my blush.

Like all of the Real Techniques brushes, the bristles on this brush is so soft and when I first got it out of the packaging I could not help but rub it across my face (that sounds far too wrong, but you know what I mean!). The bristles are synthetic, therefore they are super easy to look after, plus I love that the tips of the brush are white, it means that when I clean the brush I know it is clean because it should have white ends!

This brush applies product really nicely and just feels such nice quality on the skin.

Like I feel with all the Real Techniques brushes, they are super long lasting and such good quality for the price!


Honolulu Bronzer by W7 Makeup Review


A little while ago I made an order from W7 Makeup as they are known for producing dupes of your favourite high end makeup. I bought the Honolulu Bronzer as it reminded me of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer (I mean even the name is similar!). I’ve always wanted to try the Benefit bronzer, but have never been able to justify the money for it, so when I found this on amazon, I was over joyed.

Packaging wise this is incredibly similar to the Benefit Hoola bronzer. It also comes with a brush which is near on identical to Benefit’s. The brush also gives you a real precise line that just is perfect for contouring and carving out cheek bones.


This is also incredibly pigmented, when I used this for the first time I put a fair bit on the brush and the line I got was amazing, however far too much, which brings me onto the next section… blending. This is super blendible. I love a soft contour and when I had the horror of the super pigmented line, I thought to myself that I’m going to have to completely re-do my face, when intact all I did was blend and it was like nothing happened!

This bronzer is now one of my favourite bronzers that I own and its not to expensive!