Real Techniques Blush Brush Review


Back in February I treated myself to a new makeup brush as I hadn’t bought one for myself in a while, plus I went into the new Superdrug store in Bournemouth and I get 10% off of there because of my student discount and I thought that I could justify it! I have also had my eye on this brush for a while as I’ve never really had a brush that I thought was great for blush. I used to use the Real Techniques contour brush and yes that it is good but I always felt that was much better at applying highlight. Therefore, I treated myself to this brush for my blush.

Like all of the Real Techniques brushes, the bristles on this brush is so soft and when I first got it out of the packaging I could not help but rub it across my face (that sounds far too wrong, but you know what I mean!). The bristles are synthetic, therefore they are super easy to look after, plus I love that the tips of the brush are white, it means that when I clean the brush I know it is clean because it should have white ends!

This brush applies product really nicely and just feels such nice quality on the skin.

Like I feel with all the Real Techniques brushes, they are super long lasting and such good quality for the price!


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