Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush Review

too faced edited

I was very kindly given the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in the shade Candy Glow. This was my first ever Too Faced product and I was incredibly grateful to receive this late Christmas present!

too faced edited 2

First off, I think we should talk about this cute and adorable packaging. From the Too Faced products I have seen online, Too Faced sure do know how to package the product for us girls to look at and go wow! This is packaged in the most adorable little heart shaped box and in such a gorgeous baby pink colour with gold detailing. I mean I haven’t even started with the actual blush yet, but my hopes were high when I first saw this packaging!

too faced edited 4

Once I lifted the cute heart shape lid, I had a look at the stunning colours of pinkish toned blushes. I mean, this was the pretty blush colour I had ever seen. I really like that this comes in a trio of colours, I think its really good value for money that way because you get 3 different blush shades and because of how it is packaged you can use each shade individually, or if you are like me, you can swirl your brush into the blush to get a mix of all the colours because you can’t choose which colour to put on your face.

Now onto the pigment, this blush is great for me. I dislike a really strong blush as I have always suffered with red patched on my face, so I like something a bit more subtle, but it just adds that hint of colour that changes you from a flat sheet of paper to a 3d human face! This blush does that for me. I swirl my brush in all 3 colours and glide it onto my face with absolute ease! It adds that really nice pink tone that looks fairly natural (even though there is a hint of glitter in there!).

Lastly, I just quickly want to mention that this blush is really long lasting. I have been wearing it to college and it just makes me look more awake and it stays on my face all day.

After using this blush I am now a 100% Too Faced fan and I need to try more of there products (not going to lie I’ve had my eye on that Sweet Peach Palette for a while and never could justify spending the money, but right now after using this blush and completely loving it, I might just be purchasing this in the future!).

I seriously recommend this blush and not going to lie it has become one of my all time favourites that has now seemed to have slipped into my everyday makeup routine!


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