Rosie for Autograph Starstruck Highlighter Review

It’s nothing new to say that the world is obsessed with highlight! That definitely includes me! So when I saw that Marks & Spencers came out with a new makeup range and I saw how pretty the highlight was I knew I needed to have it in my life! I mean seriously this highlighter looks so pretty!


Firstly, in this review I think we should mention the GORGEOUS packaging! I mean this rose gold bullet type shape is just beautiful and also heavily reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury’s packaging which is also gorgeous! However, the type of material used really shows up the finger prints, so if any of you bloggers are looking to photograph it I would suggest wearing gloves cause the fingerprints are EVERYWHERE! The amount I had to clean it for this shot was ridiculous.


However lovely the packaging is that is not really why you are here reading this! You want to know about the product itself!
The colour of the highlight is actually really pretty. I don’t know what the official term for this colour is but from someone who is not very artsy, I would say that the colour of this is sort of whiteish with hints of pink, but mainly white. I guess like a SUPER pale pinkish colour?!?!? I don’t know! It’s just really pretty! I guess it reminds me of Nars’ Copacabana highlight? (Not that I’ve ever used that, but from images I feel that it looks the same!)

This highlighter is super pigmented! It comes out nice and clear and you can see it against the skin. Some people might be ok with how it looks without blending it, but for me I seriously need it blended out. It’s a bit too much otherwise, I need a subtle but obvious highlight if you know what I mean! (like I guess I want people to notice it, but I don’t want people to be able to see it from Mars).

Application wise this highlighter does come out rather hard, so when applying this on the skin, I feel like it can drag the skin a bit, so its not completely smooth like other cream highlighters would be. I haven’t tried it perhaps applying this highlighter with a brush might improve this if like me you don’t like the dragging feeling, however you could lose the pigmentation of the highlight?!?!

There we go, my review of the Rosie for Autograph Starstruck Highlighter. It retails for about £15 at Marks & Spencers, so more expensive than some, but in my opinion definitely worth the money!


Not sponsored, I got bought the highlighter for Christmas and wanted to review it myself. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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