Nerve | Film Review

The other week, I was looking through Netflix to see what to watch and I was flicking through and saw this film ‘Nerve’. The thing with this film is that I sort of recognised it. When clicking on it and reading the description, I remembered that Casey Neistat has talked about it in one of his vlogs, and I remembered that he said he was in it for about a split second. Therefore, I thought that this would be a good movie to watch on a Bank Holiday Monday evening.

This film is about an online dare game that the population of America seem to be obsessed with and I mean seriously obsessed! A high school student finds herself immersed in this game, where her every move is manipulated by ‘watchers’. She assumed she was signing up for harmless fun until it turns deadly.

I’m not going to lie, but I did find this movie a bit weird and I guess I didn’t really get it all that much. The whole movie takes place in one night, and if I’m being completely honest with you, you wouldn’t go from just entering the game to being at the top in just the space of a few hours, so in that sense it felt a little bit unrealistic. It was also unrealistic that she just so happened to be partnered up with the perfect guy for her. It was a little cliche if you ask me!
I just feel that this movie was just unrealistic. Like 100s of teens gathered are all going to want someone to shoot someone for a game that they are watching. I get the message behind the movie, like that teens will do anything to be ‘instafamous’ or ‘youtube famous’ or other things, but seriously? Some of ths things were unrealistic like who would seriously get on the back of a guys bike (that we just met) who was blindfolded in the busy streets of NYC and his mission was to reach 60mph. Definitely not, however I can see with money involved how some people’s opinions could differ. Also, I get the message that technology in teens can be addictive, I mean I based 40% of my A Level Photography on that, but I just seriously can’t see half of this movie being any where near what would happen in reality. However, I don’t know that, I’m not really one for following hypes, I tend to do what I enjoy and watching people complete dares is not something that I would particularly enjoy.

Rating: 3/5

Overall, a 3/5 isn’t that bad for a movie. Would I watch it again?, probably not. The only reason why I watched this movie is because I remembered that Casey Neistat was in it. Also, Netflix said it matched other things that I had rated highly by 97%. I guess this film is ok if you are looking for a film to pass the time with.


All opinions are my own.

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