What I want to do this Summer 2017

I have written this post every year since I have started my blog, so there was no chance of me missing a year!

Today I broke up from college for summer and tomorrow I embark on a holiday to Romania with the Libra Foundation where I will be working with children of different ages and organising fun activities for them. Then I am off to Disneyland Paris for three days, so there is lots happening this summer that I need to squeeze into 9 weeks!

What I want to do this Summer

  • Make friends with the people that I meet in Romania. There are some Romanian volunteers that are going to be there.
  • Take far too many photos
  • Complete my holiday scrapbook of photos
  • Take photos for my media coursework
  • Go on day trips with my friends to different places that you haven”t been to before
  • Vlog as much as I can so I have memories to look back on
  • Go on a road trip and have a picnic
  • Go to the cinema once a week
  • Go swimming once a week (either the sea or a pool, I have no preference)
  • Print photos and stick them in a photo album
  • Sew some more badges on my guide blanket
  • Complete my photography project
  • Set up a photography website
  • Get some work experience within the film/TV industry so I can have some experience at the things I want to do as a career
  • Spend some time with my Mum and Grandma

I swear these lists get longer with each and every year that goes by.
There is so much on my list that I want/need to do this summer that I doubt everything will get done, but there is always hope that I will do some of it!

What are your plans for the summer?


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