B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris Review

On my recent trip to Disneyland Paris we stayed offsite at the B&B Hotel Disneyland which was only a couple of years old. I have seen mixed reviews about this hotel, so I wanted to write my own.

We stayed here as we wanted to try and do this trip on a budget, as us students don’t have much money! By far the B&B was the cheapest out of all of the hotels, so we ended up staying here. For 2 people it was £76 per night (£37 each) which included breakfast so we thought that was a pretty good deal!

The lobby area was really quite nice. It had cream tiled floors a small 24 hour check in area and to the left of the entrance to the hotel was a Disneyland Paris Boutique which had the basics in (ears, autograph books, pens, umbrella, sweets). It was actually super handy as I managed to get the autograph book I wanted in there which was great!If you arrive before your room is ready (like we did), there is a locker room which you can store your luggage in. You need a €2 coin to use these, however, you get your money back at the end which I was not expecting! The lockers are huge and we easily fit both mine and my friends stuff in one locker. What was also great is that there was no key needed (I would have 100% lost this!), you could create your own 4-digit combination (make sure you read the instructions first otherwise you might not have created your combination). I was super impressed by how many lockers there were and the sheer size of them. I was not expecting that! 10/10!


Now onto the room. There are no keys for the room (which is slightly terrifying!) However, to get in to the rooms you get a combination (they print it onto a piece of paper and give it to you. I would recommend typing it into your phone incase you leave the paper inside your locked room!). My friend and I had only booked a room with one double bed as that was the cheapest option and we were going to share, however when we got in the room we discovered that we had 1 double and 2 singles, which was a nice surprise, so that made it a little bit better as it meant we didn’t have to share in the end! My first impression that the room was a decent size, it wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t tiny either. It was decent. The bathroom for me was a little bit smaller than I would’ve liked, however, it was fine for the 2 of us. I could not imagine being able to stay with 4 people in that bathroom as it is just too small for that many in my opinion! Toiletries were provided, however they were ones that were in dispensers attached to the wall so you couldn’t take them home! The beds were nice and comfy and the room was nice. There was no kettle where you could make tea or coffee, there wasn’t even a hair dryer, however I think you can rent one from reception as I saw someone give the hair dryer back when we checked in at reception, so there are ways around it! Overall, the room was basic, however when yo are at Disney it is kind of all that you need as all you are doing is sleeping there and spending most of your days in the park. However, because of the size of the room, I’m not sure I could stay there with 4 people in the room. It was the perfect size for 2!

 No one really explained the breakfast situation to us, so when we got down there on the second day we kind of had no idea what to do. When we waited and watched a couple of others we realised that you could just sit at any table and get food. I think breakfast is included with every person, so there was no one to sign us in or check if we were a guest at the hotel. Now I wasn’t expecting much for breakfast as I had seen on trip advisor that it was pretty basic and they were right. We went down both mornings as soon as breakfast started so there would be no rush for food (I forgot to take pictures, sorry!). The dining room wasn’t as big as what I was expecting and the tables were all in long lines rather than individual tables, so you could potentially be sharing with many other guests (which is fine, but some may not find that ideal), there were a handful of tables for 2/4 but most of them were for 6-12 people. I think they are used to quote a lot of coach companies coming, so that could be the reason why this is the case. The breakfast food was pretty simple and what I would call alright. There was hard boiled eggs which were warm, lots of bread, croissants and yoghurts. There was plenty of condiments such as different flavour jams, nutella and other options. What surprised me is that there was no fruit. It was a little odd and I was surprised, but I get that not many people would eat it and it would be a waist of money for the hotel. There was not much option for drinks either which was frustrating. There was plenty of tea and coffee options (herbal teas, fruit teas, and all the coffee options), however if you are not much of a coffee or tea drinker then there isn’t much option. They have ice cold water, orange juice (with bits 😫) and some tropical juice drink. I ended up drinking lots of tea whilst I was there! Overall, the food was ok. If you were gluten free, I’m not sure how much of the breakfast you could eat, however I’m sure that if you asked they would try and sort something else out for you (hopefully!)

To get to the parks there was a free shuttle bus service that runs all day. I believe the busses start at like 9am and run till 1am, so there are busses most of the day. There are lots of buses and the rough timetable is written both inside the hotel and outside the hotel. Inside there is a TV screen that tells you when the next one is coming which could give you an idea of how long it is in-between each bus. These were pretty good. They drop you off outside the train station at bus stop number 1 (closest to the Disney village), so you don’t have to walk too far! When getting the bus from the park to the hotel, make sure you get the right one! There are 2 different bus services that run from the same bus stop that go to the hotels, make sure you read the paper at the front of the bus as that will have the logos of the busses that go to the hotel! Not all busses go to the same hotels so that it is a pretty vital thing!

Overall, this hotel is kind of great for going to the parks. It may not be the best hotel around, but for the price it is pretty good. It felt clean and the staff were more than happy to try and help us! So out of all the off-site hotels I think I would chose this one as the one for me, because there is the Disneyland hotel shop AND  a little perk that you can get is that if you are in the parks you can send your shopping back to the hotel meaning you don’t have to carry it round all day! So thankfully there are a few perks!

Rating: 3/5


This was not sponsored or anything like that. I stayed there at the end of July and I wanted to write my own little review of it as it is a pretty new hotel and I make a lot of Disney content, so I thought this would be helpful!

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  1. fab review of the hotel. I go to disneyland paris most January’s, this year in -5 degree temperatures during the day. It was great to read the review of the offsite B&B as we are planning to go again next September ( hopefully a bit warmer) The hotels are super cheap in January so need to find something budget friendly and this was really helpful


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