My Holiday Makeup Essentials

This summer I seem to be going on a fair few holidays, which is great for me and my Instagram feed but not for my bank account! In most of the photos of me that I post from holiday are me wearing makeup and I thought it was about time that I did an updated travel makeup bag as I last did one in 2015 on my YouTube channel and I feel like most of my makeup has changed (and it is constantly changing).


I like to have an even base for great photos, however, I don’t like wearing foundation as its just too thick for a hot holiday, therefore I opt for a BB cream. My favourite one is the Rimmel London BB Cream. I personally take the two lightest shades as the shade ‘very light’ is too pale for me and ‘light’ is too dark so I mix both of these together to create the perfect shade for my skin tone. However, recently in this hot weather when using a foundation over here I have used my Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation that has a pretty decent coverage that feels light on the skin. So for holidays to places with lots of photos (like somewhere like Disney) I would probably take that as my base.


I also like to take a concealer just in case I have any blemishes that need covering or my bags are out! Obviously my favourite one along with the rest of the world is the Collection Lasting Perfection in the shade fair.


For powder, again it is a classic one that I think everyone loves which is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. This just makes a shiny, hot and sweaty face lovely and matte and I highly recommend this one for anyone who loves a matte look, this is the perfect powder to take away on holiday!


In every holiday makeup bag there should be a bronzer of some form. I mean if you aren’t going to use your bronzers in the summer on holiday, where are you going to use them? However, I’m not the biggest fan of bronzers and my collection of them is quite small, so the bronzer I have and use I genuinely use more for contouring, but perhaps I might use it a bit more this summer to add some colour to my face. The one I like to use is the W7 Honolulu Bronzer.


I also like to add a bit of blush to my face just so I can add some more colour to my face so I don’t look completely pale and dead! my absolute favourite one that I have been using constantly is the Too Faced Sweet Hearts Perfect Flush Blush in the shade Candy Glow. What is great about this blush is that there are 3 shades in it, or you could swirl it around to create another colour, therefore this one blush has 4 different colours in it! It also has a tiny bit of shimmer in it too that just makes your cheeks sparkle slightly which is perfect for those holiday vibes!


Similarly with highlight, if you can’t glow in the summer, when can you glow? This past year I admit that I have become obsessed with highlight! So I always carry one in my makeup bag. My favourite one is the Rosie for Autograph Highlighter in Starstruck. I did a review on my blog about this highlighter if you want to check out more about it. This just adds the perfect amount of sparkle to your face which is perfect for those summer looks.


To add a bit of variety I also like to take my Too Legit Contour Kit by Miss Selfridge with me on holiday. This palette has 2 different contour shades, 2 different blush shades AND 2 different highlighters in it. Therefore, I find this palette super useful as it has multiple shades that can make my makeup looks ever so slightly different!


When it comes to the eyes I never do all that much to them when it comes to eyeshadows. I’ve never really been much of an eyeshadow girl, but I do like to take a small palette on holiday with me incase I feel like putting some on! The one I have been taking is a palette by Collection. To be honest the main reason why I take this palette is because of the matte black. I use this shadow the most as I always want to outline my eye with black, so I could use a angled brush with this shadow to create a thin line that just lines the top lid, or I can use it over the top of my liquid eyeliner to firstly make sure it is black and secondly it lasts a bit longer if I use black eyeshadow over the top!


Now the thing that is pretty much a staple in any of my makeup looks or my makeup bags is my liquid eyeliner. I rarely go out of the house without some of this on my lids and my absolute favourite one is the L’Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim in Intense black. I refuse to use anything else as this is seriously one of my favourites! It’s so good and so black and so easy to apply and I love it with all my heart and I seriously wear this everyday!


I like to (try) and have that strong brow game on holiday and my favourite type of brow product is powder. Powder products and I just seem to get on quite nicely, so I always use a powder brow stuff! The one that I use everyday and seems to be the right shade for me is the Tanya Burr Perfect Brows. I use the dark brown shade for my brow and I also love the highlight shade as this also has some sparkle in which I think is a really nice touch for any look!


I feel like mascara is super important in a makeup look now. Personally I feel that it makes my eyebrows from looking super bold and fake to, hmm yeah those could be real! Anyone else get that feeling? Anyways I have always been a lover of mascara and I have to include my new favourite mascara which is just a wonderful thing that does wonders for my lashes. The Maybeline Lash Sensational Mascara is great because I feel like you only need one coat and you are pretty much sorted for mascara as it makes such a massive difference to your eyes.


I try not to take too many lipsticks on holiday with me as I don’t feel like I wear them all that much when I’m away. However there are two staple lipsticks that  have to be in my suitcase otherwise I would feel naked! The first being the Maybeline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude Embrace. This is the most gorgeous nude shade I have ever seen in my entire life and I pretty much wear this everyday as I feel like it goes with everything. I also  feel like this lipstick is one of those ones where you question if its natural or not. Which I really like. I also like that it is super creamy as it feels moisturising on the lips which helps when you are in hot countries. The other I also take is the Colourpop Liquid Matte in the shade Bianca. I also love this one as I feel like it is quite a glam natural shade which I personally feel really suits me! It’s also quite nice on evenings out when you are wanting to be a little bit more glam. Since writing this blog post a while ago I have also added another lipstick to my must have holiday collection. It is the Barry M Matte Me Up Lipkit in Go To (I will go into more depth in an upcoming review of this lip kit). I love the colour of this and this is the perfect shade for me to have as it is essentially a darker version of the Maybeline Nude Embrace Lipstick and I love it! It has now officially become my new favourite lipstick of all time!

 To finish my look I spritz myself with some setting spray. This is also fairly new to my collection (so there will also be a review of this coming in the future).  Now I do have a setting spray that is a lot smaller and a lot more compact that would probably be better for travelling, however now that I have tried and tested this one I prefer it. I have been using the Rimmel London #Insta Fix and Go 2 in 1 Primer and Setting Spray. I’m not going to lie I feel like this is the best drugstore product I have ever used! You need this in your life if you are going to be spending huge amounts of time without being able to touchup your makeup. It’s AMAZING!

So that is my entire makeup bag that I tend to take when I’m travelling, in fact most of it I use on a daily basis anyway. so I guess this is my everyday makeup bag as much as my travel makeup bag!

Any makeup travel essentials that you use?

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