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A little while ago I was kindly invited to Supermarine,  which is a restaurant in Centenary Plaza in Southampton. Centenary Plaza is a fairly new area of Southampton that has a few restaurants with free parking. I KNOW FREE PARKING WHAT???? There are places that still offer free parking! This to be honest was an absolute bonus! Most places I go to now there is like a £10 parking charge which makes everything just super expensive.


ANYWAY! Back to Supermarine itself! It is a fairly new restaurant here in Southampton and it serves delicious authentic Italian food and was honestly just delicious. The tables there were also marble so absolutely perfect for taking photos of your food to get the perfect Instagram! The decor was just so aesthetically pleasing, all the girls there were taking so many photos for their blogs. (I still find it funny that there were so many people with cameras just walking around a restaurant and other customers are in there like what the hell are you doing!)

Supermarine were really kind to us Southampton bloggers by letting us try loads of different dishes. I only had a mouthful of some of these dishes, but I’m going to try and talk you through some of them.


So first out was this weird flat bread thing. I did try to find it on the menu but I couldn’t find it, so I’m thinking that maybe this is a complementary thing. The best way that I can describe this is some form of flat bread? Honestly not sure, they sprinkled some oil on it for us to give it some flavour and to not make it as dry.

They then brought out the cheesiest most wonderful garlic bread which was honestly incredible! They also brought out a non-cheesy one as one of the bloggers has an intolerance to dairy. I got to try both and like I said, it was the most wonderful garlic bread!


Caprese Salad – £8.95

We were given a Caprese salad, which I was a little worried about to be honest. I’ve never been the biggest fan of tomatoes, however I thought that I had to give this dish a go because why not! This dish also features some buffalo mozzarella, which was another thing that I had never tried. Honestly, I thought this was delicious! The tomatoes mixed with the cheese was honestly such a delicious combo! Would 100% have this again!


Salt Grilled King Prawns with Garlic Butter – £6.00

We then were brought out some King Prawns. Now these prawns had the heads still attached to them which kind of freaked me out. However, they were really easy to take apart as they were already de-shelled in a way, all we had to do was slide it off. Theses were really tasty, it helps that I’m obsessed with garlic!

Next are the pasta dishes, the first to be brought out were these two Fresh Ravioli Ricotta & Spinach. The great thing about this is that you can choose which sauce you like. They offer both a Butter & Sage sauce and a Tomato and Basil sauce for the same price. I was lucky enough to try a piece of both pasta dishes and to be honest I preferred the one with tomato and basil on. Both tasted amazing, but the tomato sauce just tipped it over the edge!


Estivo Risotto – £10.00 – Add catch of the day – £6.00

We were then brought over the Estivo Risotto. This consisted of lots of vegetables. This dish is dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, you name it, its probably it! To be honest, this was not my favourite dish. I mean, it was ok, just not really my thing, but I’ve never really been a risotto person. There were mixed reactions on the table about this dish. It has some sort of minty ish after taste that I wasn’t sure about.


Catch of the Day with Pasta – £13.95

Yes, there is more pasta. We were honestly spoilt for choice when it came to which pastas to try. The next dish brought out was there catch of the day, which was the only savoury dish I didn’t try. Only because I wasn’t sure what type of sea food it was (it looked like muscles which I dislike so I thought it would be beat to leave it and let others try!). The reaction from others eating it was really good, even though they weren’t 100% sure of the seafood themselves!


Spaghetti Carbonara – £9.95

The last pasta dish that was brought out was your classic Pasta Carbonara. Again I’m not the biggest fan of this dish. I’ve never been one for a cheesy sauce on pasta. Its not my cup of tea, but again I thought that I had to try this dish as it honestly looked delicious! I grabbed some on my fork, put it in my mouth and honestly was in pasta heaven! This was delicious. The sauce was nothing like the sauces you can buy in the shops it was lovely. The sauce was incredibly rich though so I know I would not be able to cope with a whole plate of this on my own, but I’d love to grab a mouthful of this delicious stuff off of a friends plate. The ham/bacon in there was very salty (a bit too salty for me), however it really complemented the sauce and was honestly the nicest carbonaras I’ve ever had.



My hand made pizza!

A few of us were then lucky enough to make our own pizzas. We were actually allowed to go behind and into the kitchen to make our own wood fired pizzas. Obviously I was one of the first to put my hand up and get behind into the kitchen! I think to be honest I was pretty awful at it, I don’t think I should quit college any time soon to become a pizza chef, but I tried it (and the pizza tasted delicious!).

If you wanted to see more about our time at Supermarine, I obviously vlogged it! You can check that out!


It was such a fun night and I had a lot of fun with the Southampton Bloggers. Thank you to all of them for making me feel welcome and letting me join in for my first Soton Bloggers event.


Also, a massive thank you to everyone at Supermarine who made us feel super welcome and wanted to make sure we were all enjoying ourselves. I will definitely be back in the near future!

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This post is not sponsored by Supermarine. I was fortunate enough to be invited along with the Southampton bloggers for this complementary evening.