The Addams Family Musial UK Tour Review


Last week I was lucky enough to be treated by my Mum to go see the Addams Family musical. It’s a musical that I had wanted to see ever since I found out that Carrie Hope Fletcher was going to be playing Wednesday Addams. Now initially the only reason why I wanted to go and see this musical was because I am a massive fan of Carrie. I’ve watched her on YouTube for years and have always had the large to see her perform. I wanted to see her in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, however, the tour of that was no where near me and theres was no way I could have made it to one of those shows. However, the Addams family was coming to Southampton. WHAT? Carrie, one of my fave YouTubers and theatre actresses was coming down to the south coast to perform. I thought this was honestly the perfect opportunity for me to see her. I checked the dates and, oh no! I’m on holiday in Romania when she is here. How can this be! This is not fair!


Well, as a surprise, my Mum kindly bought me tickets to the Addams Family as part of my birthday present. However, it did mean we would have to drive to Woking which is like an hour and a half away from where I live which isn’t horrendous, but its not great after both college and work, but I was still super excited! I put on my most Wednesday Addams-esque top that I had and we were on our way. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t watched all that many Addams TV episodes or films. I mean I had watched a few but I still wasn’t sure, but I was so excited to go see Carrie that it didn’t bother me that I wasn’t sure what to expect!

My view of the stage.

We got there and found our seats which were a pretty good location in the New Victoria Theatre. They were in the dress circle, second row from the front, which meant our view was pretty good, and it meant for the first time in forever I could properly see facial expressions in the characters with my glasses on. Normally I really struggle to see as I struggle to see things far away, however this time was an amazing view.


Now onto the actual show! The storyline was good. (There may be a few spoilers in this, so here is your spoiler warning!) This musical is your normal Addams Family just little bit grown up. Wednesday has met Lucas (a guy who I believe is studying medicine in New York, but don’t quote me on that) and they have fallen in love. The plot of the musical is that both families meet each other to see if they can get along so that Wednesday and Lucas get married. Both families are trying to be normal, however, as you can imagine, it doesn’t go all that well and by the end of the night we realise that both families aren’t all that normal!


The songs for this musical were honestly incredible, with my firm favourites being ‘When You’re and Addams’ (I especially like the line ‘Family first and family last’ it really represents how I feel when it comes to my family), ‘Pulled’ (sung by the bae that is Wednesday) and ‘Crazier Than You’. I feel like all the songs had a funny element to them (which is good seeing this is a musical comedy!).

I do kind of have one complaint… (I hate saying bad things about something, it makes me feel bad, but sometimes we have to get these things off our chests!). Now I personally think this is the fault of the theatre (acoustics or mic problems I dunno), but I really struggled to pick up some of the words when someone was speaking. Most of the time I was fine, but there were a number of moments when the person on stage may as well have been speaking Chinese. It does ruin it a little bit as you miss bits of a joke, or an important plot line, but oh well. I still really enjoyed it, and if anyone working/worked on the Addams Family UK Tour is actually reading this please do not take this personally. I thought the show was incredible, it was just the acoustics of the actual theatre that just wasn’t great!

Overall, this show was incredible! I mean honestly it was just one of those shows that you have to go and see especially if you are a fan of the Addams Family, and I recon you could see it if you weren’t and you would still understand what was going on! All the actors were really strong and Carrie was insane and I can’t wait to see what her next project is going to be because I am going to go and see her in it! 😂

Congratulations to the cast of the Addams Family especially Carrie on their award nominations for the Broadway World Awards UK. You can vote for them here.

If you do get the chance to head down and see the Addams Family ( I know they are nearly finished with the tour so that could be a little difficult!) then you really should try, even if its an hour and a half drive away each way, I personally think it is worth it!

Rating: 5/5!

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This post is not sponsored. I was kindly gifted tickets by my Mum as part of my birthday present and I wanted to write a little something about my time with the Addams family. Also, the images of the production are not my own. They have been found from the Internet.


  1. I’m so jealous that you got to see the Adams family as it’s coming no where near me but I loved hearing your experience about it! I’m glad you had a good time but now I’m hoping it comes back up north so I can go!

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