Going to the Cinema solo


A couple of months ago I was fortunate enough to become an Odeon Limitless card owner. Incase you have no idea what that is, it basically means you can pay £18 a month (or you can pay for it all in advance like I have for a year) and you can have unlimited access to the cinema. That means you can go whenever you like for no extra cost and if you are like me and an actual film buff, who pretty much spends her entire life watching films, then you can see why this is a perfect thing for me.

Anyway, to make this Limitless card worth the money that I have spent on this card means that I have to go at least twice a month to the cinema. Not many (or any) of my friends have a Limitless card and cinema tickets are quite expensive now, so they can’t always go with me, and plus they don’t always want to watch the same films as me, as I like trying to see all the Oscar nominated films, which they aren’t interested in and neither is my Mum so I have realised that to watch all of these films and get the proper use out of my card I have to start going to the cinema on my own.

I actually decided to do this on a Friday and I went to see the new film Everything, Everything. I went and saw this film at 10:30 am so I knew there wouldn’t be many people in there as no one really goes to the cinema that early. So, I decided that this was the time for me to go and try and experience something new and I didn’t think there would be many if any people to judge me about being there on my own and I was right. There were only about 5 people in the cinema and some were also on their own which made me feel a lot better.

I like being on my own, so I didn’t really feel that nervous about being on my own in a cinema as I tend to do things like go shopping on my own and go for coffees and things like that. I like to think of myself as quite independent so I felt fairly confident walking into the cinema alone.

As I walked in, I felt nothing. I felt like I was going to watch a film, like  I do most days by myself at home. No one stared at me for being on my own, no one even battered an eyelid. In all honesty, no one gave a crap. Part of me knew they wouldn’t, but we all have that little nervous feeling inside when we do something for the first time in our lives.

Again, as I walked out, I also felt absaloutly fine, no one judged or anything and it meant that I got to see a film that I was interested in for no extra cost, which to be honest makes my life a million times better. The amount of money I was spending on cinema tickets previously was ridiculous and now I technically don’t have to!

I can’t wait to go and watch another film by myself again. There are so many that I want to see at the moment!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this, I love being at home by myself but I never do anything by myself outside of home. I think this has given me more a boost to maybe go to the cinema by myself sometime soon!

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  2. A limitless card sounds amazing! I’m not really a cinema goer myself as -as you mentioned- the ticket prices can be ridiculous if you go too often. I also never go anywhere on my own, so maybe your ‘everything was fine, no one thought I was weird’ story will finally make me leap the house on my own and start going to see movies at the cinema again (as I always feel weird and out-of-place when I’m on my own). Mmmm… interesting… 😉



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    1. It was so empowering to go on my own and it has meant that I have gone to the cinema much more than I normally would as I can see films that I want to see rather than asking what my friends want to see! x


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