Disneyland Paris Bucket List October 2017


If you weren’t aware, I am a massive fan of Disney! I’m also a massive fan of Disneyland Paris and on Wednesday of next week I am back at one of my favourite places on earth! I’m honestly so excited and I can’t wait to feel the magic all around me!

This trip, however, is going to be slightly different from all of my other trips that I have been on over the years. This trip I am going with 87 other people! 26 of those other people are adults, the rest are children! I know! It’s a lot, but thankfully I am nor responsible for all 61 children! I am only responsible for about 16 of them along with two other adults, therefore I’m not all that worried! So because of this issue, I understand that this trip isn’t exactly for me, its for the group of Brownies and Guides that I’m taking with me on this trip, therefore I know that I won’t be able to do everything I want to, but thats not going to stop me from writing this blog post!! πŸ˜‚

I’m going to split this into categories so that it is organised!



I do love a good ride every now and again, especially if it is a Disney ride as the theming is just perfect. I mean the queues are so on point with the theme of the ride and then there is the ride at the end of that queue which is just amazing!

  • It’s A Small World – Basically my favourite ride in the entire world!
  • Peter Pan’s Flight – I was unable to get on this when I went back in July as the queues were insanely long!
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast – Another one of my all time favourite rides! I do want to go on this one with my Mum because we are both very competitive and I need to bet her!
  • Big Thunder Mountain – A ride that I am dying to go on, but never have been on! The one time we were going to do it back in July, the ride had been closed due to the bad weather so we never made it on there 😒
  • Phantom Manor – I kind of loved, but at the same time hated this ride! However, I would like to try and make it on there one more time before they refurbish it and change it up!
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – This is another favourite of mine! I honestly loved the drops as I wasn’t expecting them and also the one and only Jack Sparrow is featured in the ride!

Shows & Parades


This is honestly one of my favourite parts of a Disney holiday, I could forget all of the rides, but I could not live without the shows!

  • Goofy’s Skeletoon Street Party – this is a kind of Halloween themed parade that is happening in Frontierland this year.
  • Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang – I have to admit, when first hearing about this, I kind of didn’t think this was going to work. I mean Disney Villains on a tricycle! What are you playing at! However, now looking at the photos, it looks like such a cool little mini parade and I’m excited to see Gaston AND Donald Duck’s Maleficent costume as he looks so cute!
  • Princess Starlit Waltz – Now I did see this show back in July when I went, however, my view of it wasn’t incredible. There were lots of pushchairs in the way and it just wasn’t a great view, so hopefully this time it will be a bit better!
  • Mickey Presents Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris – I absolutely adored this show when I was there back in July. I thought it was so cute and I was so glad that so many characters were out dancing on castle stage, I can’t wait to see this again!
  • Mickey and the Magician – I have never seen this show and I’m honestly so desperate to see it, however if we don’t make it on this trip it won’t be the end of the world as it has been confirmed to come back next year, so hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a trip to see it!



Ok, no this is my favourite part of a Disney holiday! I love meeting all of my favourite characters and having a photo with them! I love having those memories and it honestly makes me feel so happy to meet them and have a chat with some of my childhood heroes!

  • Mickey Mouse – I mean this one is pretty much a standard for any Disney holiday! I mean you can’t go to Disney without meeting the boss himself!
  • Minnie Mouse – she has a new outfit for Halloween this year and it is so cute, I need a twirly photo with her in that!
  • Stitch – I mean for Halloween he is in his little Elvis outfit and its just super cute!! It would also be one to tick off my list as I don’t think I have met Stitch before!
  • Marie – The cutest cat in the entire world, and she has a 25th anniversary bow!
  • Gaston – My favourite of all the villains! I’ve never met him before and all my dreams would come true if I did!
  • Maleficent – Well she is taking over the Disneyland Paris castle for a while so it would be rude not to!

There we have it! My Halloween Disneyland Paris 2017 Bucket List. I am super excited to be going back and its my first Halloween season at a Disney park so it is going to be full of new experiences and I can’t wait for Wednesday of next week to come around!

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