Visiting Paris

In the October half term I was fortunate enough to visit Paris. I’ve been to the outskirts of Paris 4 times, however never been to the centre of it. However, for the first time in forever, I went to the centre of Paris (I mean I was with 86 other people, but lets forget about that for the purposes of this blog post!).

I only had a day in Paris so we had to try and get all the sights done in one day (side note, we didn’t and I’m dying to get back to Paris and see it all at my own pace!).


The first thing we did was go to see the Eiffel Tower. This is a pretty iconic thing to do when in Paris and I feel like I got some pretty awesome photos of the tower, which was a main goal of mine! We were able to go up to the second floor with our tickets as we were walking. Well, for me this was a massive mistake. I have a horrible thing with altitude sickness. Me and great heights just don’t go down well, especially if I have to walk up a massive mountain or lots of stairs.  I managed to get all the way up to the first floor and as soon as I got there, firstly I couldn’t breathe and secondly I had a nose bleed, which is a clear sign for me that I can’t go up any higher without fainting. If I had gone up in the lift it would have been a different story as my breathing would have been better and therefore the blood flow would be better and therefore, no nose bleed! However, some of my Brownies did not want to go up to the second floor as they couldn’t make it up to the second floor, therefore it was probably a good thing. I am gutted that I couldn’t do it all the way to the second floor, however, I probably would have fainted at the second floor which would not have been brilliant. But anyway, lets focus on the positives! The view at the first floor was amazing and I can only imagine what it would be like from the second. From the first floor I could see for miles and it was just beautiful! One day I hope I will be able to go again and pay the extra €4 to go in the lift.


After going up the tower we went across the road to go on a river boat cruise. This was amazing as it meant I got to say that I’ve been on the Seine and it also meant that I got to see the absolutely stunning Notre-Dame, unfortunately we weren’t able to go anywhere near the outside of the Notre-Dame, I only got to see it from the boat, therefore thats another thing to add to my bucket list to do in the future.  The boat cruise was really relaxing as well. We got to eat our lunch whilst cruising along the Seine and we also got to see the ‘love-lock’ bridge, which now looks like an ordinary bridge because of the fact that they have had to remove the locks and replace it with glass because it was becoming to heavy for the bridge. It was lovely to see the sights from  a different perspective and it is 100% something that I would do again.

After the cruise we got back on the bus and headed off to the Sacre-Cœur. On the way to the Sacre-Cœur we drove around the Arc-de-Triumphe Roundabout which was super busy and definitely a roundabout that I really do not feel the need to drive around. At the same time we also drove past the Champs-Élysées which has all the big fancy shops on that one day I will go back to and will save up some money and buy one thing just so I can say that I bought something on the Champs-Élysées!


After going around the Arc-de-Triumphe roundabout about 4 times (not an exaggeration) we finally got to the Sacre-Cœur, this is a Catholic Church that is stunning on the inside, however there are stunning views of Paris from the top of the massive hill that the Sacre-Cœur is based on. The views from up here were honestly to die for. Round the corner from the church was what is known as artists square. Here there are loads of artists sat around and are willing to draw you (obviously for a price!). There are also loads of little tourist shops and food places that looked really good. Unfortunately there was not enough time for any of that, but we did manage to have a little look around before we had to head back on the bus to leave Paris.

If you would like to see my trip in video format, I obviously vlogged the trip. It’s mishmashed in between Disney stuff, but who doesn’t love a bit of Disney? 😂

Though my trip into Paris was short and sweet, it was still lovely to see it for the first time and I think it is fair to say that it is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever seen. I even thought to myself  that I could picture me (as a millionaire) living in Paris, and spending time there relaxing and that being like a second home. It’s a bit cheesy I know but I really did fall in love with Paris, and I could imagine me, sat in a Parisian café drinking a cup of tea with a macaron in hand and just looking at the beautiful city that is Paris.

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