The Wood Oven

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Last week I was kindly invited to go to The Wood Oven, it’s a pizza delivery & takeaway  here in Boscombe (right next to the town centre of Bournemouth). I was super excited as I love pizza and the best bit was that we got to make pizzas and decorate cupcakes! Like I said on twitter, what more could you want from a Monday night.


The event started off with all us Bloggers sitting at the top of Urban Reef (the restaurant next door to the Wood Oven) we had a talk from the owner of Urban Guild (the owner of both Urban Reef and the Wood Oven). He told us about his travels and how that people in other countries were full of hospitality and that it was such a shame that Bournemouth didn’t have something like that. So, the first thing was that Urban Guild bought a hotel, and now owns restaurants and bars on the sea front. It was super interesting to here his story of how Urban Guild came to be.


After the talk from the owner, the head chef James gave us a quick how-to on how to kneed the pizza dough to make the perfect pizza. He made it look so easy, yet Brogan, Louise and myself all had to have a second piece of dough because we messed it up! After we finally managed to kind of resemble a pizza type shape we headed over to the topping table which was full of delicious local ingredients. They all looked yummy! I chose a tomato base, mozzarella,  pulled pork, mushrooms and a little bit of basil to add some colour, a little bit of a weird combo for a pizza I guess, but I’m a sucker for pulled pork!


We got split into groups and the first group went down and cooked their pizzas, whilst we went and decorated cupcakes. Now if you now me, I love a good cupcake and I love baking cupcakes, however, I cannot decorate them to save my life. Most of the time I let my Mum do it because I am so terrible! However, I gave it a go, and my cakes didn’t turn out too badly. I mean they were ok! They tasted incredible though! We had vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate icing which is my favourite kind of icing! So now I’m going to have to find a recipe for that because it was delicious!


After finishing our cupcakes we headed on downstairs into the Wood Oven and cooked our pizzas. They have a really huge wood fire that can cook up to 8 pizzas at a time and they only take about 2-3 minutes to cook!

We headed back upstairs and tasted all of the pizzas. We had to pick our top three and the best three overall would go on the menu for 2 weeks each. Brogan, Louise and I all voted for each other (even though we weren’t supposed to!). Unfortunately my pizza didn’t win, but Brogan did and you can go and try her pizza in the next couple of weeks at the wood oven!

If you would like to see my evening in video form I (obviously) vlogged it. The night starts about 10 minutes in!

It was such a fun evening and a massive thank you is to go to The Wood Oven! They were so lovely and it was a great evening. Also thanks to Louise and Brogan for the wonderful company!

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This post is not sponsored, nor have they asked me to write this. I was kindly invited to the complementary evening at The Wood Oven with Bournemouth Bloggers.

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