Christmas Bucket List 2017


Christmas is my favourite time of year and I would even say that December is my favourite month because of Christmas! The lead up to Christmas is always something I look forward to and it always makes me so happy and there is always sooooooo much that I want to do at this time of year, so I thought a wonderful post for the blogmas season would be to tell you what my bucket list of things to do this Christmas season is!

Christmas Markets
I love going out and looking at all the Christmas Markets. There are always so many stalls to look at and for me its not a Christmas season without going to at least one Christmas Market. For the last 5 or so years, I have been going to a Christmas Market in Winchester, which is still one of my favourites, however, they have similar (or perhaps the same) sellers every year and don’t get me wrong, I love these sellers, however I would like to find some new ones, so this year I would like to go to another market. My Mum said that Salisbury market was really pretty and something that I might like to go to as the sellers are different. I would also like to go to the Bournemouth Christmas Market as this year they have a whole new Christmas Market, with new sheds and 80% if the sellers this year are brand new!

Garden Centres
I have already been to a few garden centres this year, and the decorations are stunning, however there are a few of my local ones that I haven’t been to yet and all of them have different decorations and I love me some Christmas decorations!

Christmas Lights
In (almost) every neighbourhood there is a road that takes outside Christmas lights to another level! There is a road in Parkstone that does this and I absolutely love it, I mean don’t get me wrong, I would never do it to my house because some houses are so OTT (and imagine the electric bill! I love seeing all the lights on peoples houses.

Attend a Carol Service
I haven’t properly been to a carol service since I left school two years ago. I love hearing and singing all the carols, its just so Christmassy and I love it! I love hearing people singing songs all together, I love that music brings people together, especially at Christmas!

Ice Skating
This is one of my favourite Winter activities! I love sliding along the ice as I kind of feel like I’m flying when I’m on the ice in skates. I’d love one day to have some figure skating lessons with the skates that have the really thin blade and the really pretty dresses that the women wear.

I think thats everything that I want to get done this year. There are probably loads more things that I am going to want to do this Christmas Season, however, I think these things that I have chosen are plenty to keep me going till Christmas, especially with everything else going on!

What activities do you want to do this Christmas Season? Let me know in the comments!

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