Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Review

I was fortunate enough to get tickets to an early showing of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, the new Frozen ‘short’ that is played before the Disney Pixar film Coco which is coming out in the UK on the 19th January.

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Olaf’s Frozen Adventure has your favourite characters from the original film Frozen with a Christmas twist. Essentially the plot of the ‘short’ is that Anna and Elsa have no Christmas Traditions unlike everyone else in Arendelle, so Olaf sets off to find some Christmas Traditions for the Royal pair to do at that time of year.

You may notice that whenever I call the film a ‘short’ I always put it in inverted commas, this is because I don’t really class it as the traditional Disney/Pixar short. Other Disney shorts tend to be only between 5-10 minutes long, whereas Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was a full on 21 minutes. Now if you are a Frozen lover, like myself, then you won’t mind the ‘short’ being a bit longer than a usual short, however, there are a lot of people who are not a fan of the Frozen franchise and genuinely want to see the new Pixar film, but they have to sit through another Frozen. I did a bit of research but why the ‘short’ is so long is because Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was supposed to be a TV special, however, I guess they ended up going with shoving it in front of a Pixar movie. Now, I saw Olaf’s Frozen Adventure with Frozen, so I haven’t seen Coco, but I feel that its a bit weird that Disney have chosen to put Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in front of a Pixar film. I know that they are the same company and all that, however, its super weird that they decided to mix the two together, not sure thats a great idea, I think its probably best to keep them separate!


Now, onto the actual film! I love Olaf and I love Frozen so this has an overall positive response from me! I loved the storyline and thought that it fit well with the original film and the previous short Frozen Fever. I loved that they gave Frozen a Christmassy vibe, it honestly just makes it so much better. Some of the jokes from Olaf are quite hilarious too! Not a belly laugh but a quick chuckle is good enough! I mean it got the kids laughing! I also fell in love with the dresses of the Royal pair too, I mean they are stunning and I could totally see myself wearing them if I had an occasion where it was appropriate to wear a Princess dress!  Also, can we talk about the music! I LOVE IT! Ever since I went to see it I have been completely obsessed with the soundtrack and I am so glad that I can listen to it on Disney Life, because I don’t think I could wait for it to come out in January to hear those songs again! There are 6 new songs for the ‘short’ and I think my faves are ‘Ring in the Season’, ‘That Time of Year’ and ‘When we’re Together’. They just give me warm fuzzy feelings in side and I am totally adding them to my Christmas playlist! The harmonies in these songs are spot on and its just perfect! I mean I am in love with this short!

If you are a fan of Frozen you must go watch this short! It was so amazing and the warm and fuzzy feelings I got from it are just so lovely! I mean I think I’m obsessed and I can’t wait to see it again!

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