My Top 5 UK Christmas Adverts 2017

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Here in the UK as soon as they release the John Lewis Christmas Advert we know that the Christmas Season is upon us, however the John Lewis Christmas advert this year just didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t the best advert that I have seen from them over the years, so I thought that I would compile a little list of my favourite Christmas Adverts this year that different stores have brought out.

5. Asda

This is about having the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! A little girl and I am assuming her Father go into the ‘Asda Factory’ and see different people prepare what looks like an amazing Christmas Day Dinner (I mean those roasties look so crispy and delicious!). I really like the little green men making the starters, firstly, they look delicious and secondly, I love how it is almost a little like the Green Army Men in Toy Story (yep, thats me, always linking everything to Disney!).

4. SkyCinema

This advert features one of my favourite films, hence why this ad is so high up on my list.  This advert features the wonderful Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. The idea of tis advert is that the Mother and daughter watch this incredible film every year and it shows the both of them grow up and continue their tradition of watching The Sound of Music on Sky. This is another one of those heart warming adverts that just make you want to hug the nearest person to you! I adore this advert!

3. Heathrow

I think this is one of the cutest adverts I have seen. The bears from last years Christmas Advert have returned, and this year we get to find out how the bears met and eventually fell in love. I honestly love these two bears! They are so cute and I love how they give each other shortbread! Bears after my own heart!

2. Debenhams

This advert is like a modern Disney film. It has the essence of Cinderella, but its Cinderella with a social media account to try and find her shoes! This is such a lovely (unrealistic) romance. It’s just very magical and it (kind of) makes me want to lose my shoe on the train in the hope that my Prince picks it up and tries to find me, however, I really like my shoes so I don’t really want to go and lose them! I love that this advert brings the fairytale into the real world (a little like Enchanted I guess!).

Honorouable Mentions:





1. Marks & Spencers

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for a bear, especially if that bear is named Paddington! This year Marks & Spencers have teamed up with the nations favourite bear for #LoveTheBear. In this ad, someone dressed in red and has a beard is trying to steal everyones Christmas presents. Paddington hears the robber on the roof and instantly thinks that this chubby guy in red on the roof is Santa, Paddington, being the kind bear that he is, helps this Santa return all of the presents to the rightful owners. Paddington then shows the fake Santa a child opening the present and how awesome Super Alice looked in her costume and obviously at the end Paddington gives Mr Clause his marmalade sandwich! If this advert does not give you warm feelings inside, then I don’t know what will!

Have I missed your favourite Christmas ad this year? What is it? Let me know in the comments!

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