A Guide to Bournemouth Christmas Market 2017

I love visiting all the Christmas Markets in the local area, especially when they have revamped the market!


This year Bournemouth have introduced all new sheds and a new alpine bar and this year brings back the very much missed Santa’s Grotto!


This year also sees the return of the SKATE ice rink in the gardens and the SKATE bar. This year I think they have outdone themselves with the decorations in the bar. There are basically loads of fairy lights everywhere and if that doesn’t scream festive, I have no idea what does!


In the little stalls most of them are brand new and one of the nicest things is that they most of them are local brands. This is so nice to see as I love supporting local businesses and some of the businesses from down this way are great! I mean there are some awesome bath bomb companies down this way (Lush being one of them!) and much much more! There was such a wide variety of stalls with some selling paintings, bath bombs, chutneys and cheese, wood work, heritage gifts, wooden signs and one stall had Christmas decorations.


Also, this year there were so many food stalls! They had one that sold your traditional German sausages and if they are anything like last years, then they are a must as they are delicious! There are also some INSANE hot chocolates down there this year! A little pricy and £4.95 if you ask me, but they did taste amazing!


Speaking of food and drink, this year Bournemouth have received a brand new Alpine Bar! This one is a two story bar, yes, we have an upstairs! Unlike previous years, the bar is pretty much all indoors which means when you are getting cold after doing your Christmas shopping you can pop into the Alpine Bar and grab a drink to warm up!


If I’m honest, I do kind of prefer the stalls they had last year as it felt much more Christmassy as most were selling Christmas products, however this year it didn’t have quite the same magic as before because the stalls were just selling their products, which is great and don’t get me wrong I love seeing local produce, but the stalls just didn’t have that Christmas magic that they used to.


I love the Bournemouth Christmas Festivities and not coming to the Bournemouth Christmas Market in the Festive Season is a crime in my opinion!

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