Christmas Baking 2017



Every year, I normally like to show you some things that I am baking this Christmas season as I love baking sooooo much! It fills me with so much happiness and in fact it calms me down. So I thought I would share with you the things I have made so far this year and this year I have two cakes for you! How lucky!

Both of these cake moulds that I have used have come from Lakeland as I feel that they have the best selection of Christmas tins to make some crazy cakes!

I use a traditional sponge recipe, however for these two cakes I needed a smaller amount of mixture than what you would if you were if you were making fairy cakes! To fill both cake moulds/tins I used one lot of a 4 egg recipe. Therefore, you will need 4 eggs, 8oz self raising flour, 8oz butter and 8oz caster sugar. This is my favourite cake, however you could make any cake that you like, but remember that you won’t need as much with these tins as they are a fairly small cake.


My Mum bought me this tin in the sales last year. It’s honestly so cute and I love it! It creates such a cute distinct cake an it looks adorable.


This mould is brand new for this Christmas season! I saw this in the Lakeland Magazine and really liked the look of it! I had never seen anything like this before and I knew that I would have to give this ago!


Both of these tins needed what is called a ‘cake release’, this stuff is AMAZING as when the cake is cooked, all you have to do is turn the cake upside down and then all of a sudden the cake just slides on out. This means that there is no getting your fingers dirty with butter, or it doesn’t mean that you are cutting your cake out of a tin and it just won’t budge! Honestly, this stuff has converted me!

I made these cakes as I had a Christmas Party to go to, so I thought I would provide the cakes as like I said, I love me some baking (especially if I get to have a little piece after!).

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