A Photo Every Hour – December 2017

I wrote a post similar to this back in November, where I took a photo every single hour for a day to give you an insight into my daily life. Well, the post went down really well, and it was a fun little challenge, so I decided to bring it back with a Christmas Twist!

I took these photos on Tuesday 5th December 2017.


Another day, another early start to get to college for 9 am. I woke up at 7am and it was super dark outside, therefore the lighting in this photo isn’t the best! However, I am lying in bed crying on the inside that I have to get up in the darkness, however, I am slightly rejoicing as I don’t have to properly get up for like 30 minutes, therefore that means I can lie in bed and not do much, but I better not shut my eyes!


8am hits and I am in the middle of getting ready, I was actually doing my eyeliner when my phone lit up and reminded me that it was time to take my photo for the hour, if you hadn’t gathered my eyeliner didn’t turn out particularly great that day. Note to self (and everyone else trying to get the perfect eyeliner) don’t take a photo at the same time as doing your eyeliner as it never turns out that well!


College starts at 9am and on a Tuesday, my first lesson is photography. I work at my laptop in photography as I find it easier as it means I can take my work home and work on it there without relying on memory sticks all the time!


My lessons are an hour and a half, so at 10am I was still in photography, however this time my teacher was trying to panic us all by showing us a calendar with our deadline on it. I mean it was not a fun moment when he told us that we have 8 weeks to finish everything, however we need some of it completed by next week, this done by then and this done by then and OH MY GOD I HAVE NO TIME!


11am and we are finishing break time and just about to head off to our next lesson. In the break time I was in the art room with my friend Alice because she wanted to stay in there and get on with some work as she has looming deadlines too!


12am and I have about 20 minutes approximately left of my media lesson. Today we were looking at DVD covers and posters that previous media students had made. Some of them were amazing and others were shockingly bad, so bad that you would laugh if you saw that in the shops!


I thankfully only have a half day on Tuesdays, so after my lesson was over I jumped in my car and headed home. By 1pm I have normally had my lunch and this week I decided that a bit of Netflix time was needed.


2pm rolls around and I decided to bake a cake! You can read about those cakes here!

3pm and one of them is complete! All that needs doing is to ice it and stick it together as currently this cake is just balancing and at any moment it could have fallen over!


By the time 4pm comes around I have made 2 Christmas themed cakes and they are still cooling. I quickly pop them in a tin and head to my Grandma’s house.


At 5pm I am at my Grandma’s house and my Mum is already there with my Grandma and I ask her to help me decorate my Santa cake as if you know me, you know I’m not the best at decorating them myself! In fact I’m awful!


Both Mum and I help run a Guide unit near where my Grandma lives and tonight was our Christmas party, so to get organised and ready we started sorting out the activities, one of those was cling film pass the parcel so at 6pm I wrapped up a load of sweets in cling film!


At 7pm all three of us head to Guides. We were having our Christmas party so I thought it would be nice to bring both of my cakes there for the girls to eat (and let me tell you, they went down a treat!)


We are still playing Christmas games at guides at 8pm. I think this was one about being a reindeer or something like that!


Guides finishes at 9pm, however as this was a party it meant that there was a bit of clearing up to do, however, with 4 adults there cleaning we managed to get it done so by 9pm we had a pretty clean hall!


Now, this part of the blog post sucks and I may decide not to continue this as a series because last time I did this post my car wouldn’t start, this time I got a puncture in my tyre! This was not a fun moment of my day as it meant that I would have to spend more money on my car! AND RIGHT ON CHRISTMAS AS WELL!


At 11pm I had calmed down, since getting a puncture in my car I had a few tears and was being a tad pathetic and crying! However, some of my Guides had got me Christmas cards and presents which I opened and I am not going to lie but this cheered me up a lot! I am incredibly grateful for my presents, and I never expect any but I am sooooooo excited and thankful!

After that I quickly headed on up to bed to fall asleep, and let me tell you! I was shattered!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I do love showing you a little bit of my life,  hence why I make weekly vlogs!  However, I feel like these posts go a tad bit more in depth into my day than the vlogs do, as I can’t film everything!

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