Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Review


Just to clarify, I wrote this post a year ago after going to the VIP Lush event in Bournemouth , but I never posted it, so as this product is still on the market, I thought I would upload it this year! (better late than ever eh!)

I was very fortunate enough to receive lots of bits after going to the Lush event back in November and one of them was in the famous Lush Christmas scent ‘snow fairy’. I was very kindly given a body conditioner in the famous fragrance. Now I knew what a hair conditioner was, but I didn’t think there were such things as body conditioners and if there were, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what it did! Well, incase you are stuck in the dark like myself, a body conditioner is basically like a moisturiser but instead of rubbing it in till its all gone, you wash it off in the shower with warm water (basically exactly like a hair conditioner!).

When you open the tub you see a sparkly baby pink cream and it looks soooooooo good, then the scent hits you. It’s this super sweet. It reminds me of cotton candy in particular, but it also reminds me of going into the sweet cupboard and stealing all of the sweets when I was younger! So basically, if you aren’t a sweet person, this is not the scent for you! However, for me, its not sickly sweet, but it is sweet enough!

Now, personally for me, this doesn’t really do all that much as I generally have quite soft skin on my body, so this doesn’t really so much for me, so my review probably isn’t all that helpful! This may help as the temperatures drop if my skin gets drier, but overall, my skin is quite soft and therefore this isn’t really needed for me so I probably wouldn’t buy this again! However, other blogging friends and people who love Lush RAVE about these body conditioners, so it may just be me that these don’t do all that much for!

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