Christmas Decorations 2017

Every year I make a video showing how I have decorated my room this year, I do it every year, however I decorate my rooms in a similar way each year, so honestly I have no idea why I do! I guess I enjoy looking back and seeing how I change things ever so slightly. Anyway, this year I also thought I would show you some of my favourites in a blog post as well as do the annual Christmas Decoration Video.


Lets start with the tree in my room. This tree has no real theme to it. I like that this tree is Β a tree filled with decorations that I love. There is a heck of a lot of Disney decorations on here, but then honestly what can you expect from me πŸ˜‚. Some of these decorations have real personal meaning to them, whilst others are just on their because I like them!


You could probably guess that this decoration is new this year because of the 2017 on it! I like to try and get a decoration with the year on it because then I can associate memories with that year. This bauble is from Sainsbury’s and they do this bauble pretty much every year, but with (obviously) a different year on and a slightly different pattern. I got given last years one as well and I still hang it on my tree!


I am obsessed with this one! I got this one at my local Haskins Garden Centre! Firstly, I think this is sooooooo cute and secondly, I feel like this decoration actually sums me and my personality up as I love a crazy Christmas jumper to get everyone in the mood for the festive season! I am that girl who always wears a Christmas jumper on the 1st December! I love them and I make it my mission to get a new one every year and the crazier, the better!

I love Disney, so there are a fair few of Disney decorations on here, however quite a lot of them come from Primark. I love these little Mickey heads that I have collected from them over the last couple of years! I feel like these add a subtle hint of Disney to the tree as you could (possibly) mistake them as your normal round baubles!

Sticking with Disney! When I was at Disneyland Paris this year, I purchased some Christmas decorations, because I cannot help myself when it comes to Disney and Christmas! I mean there are multiple stores just dedicated to the festive period! When I was there I purchased 4 of the Disneyland Paris Fantasyland Ride collection. This collection basically has ride from Fantasyland with some of your favourite characters on them! I saw this on the Disney store website before I went in October and I knew I had to get them as they are sooooooo cute, I especially wanted Dumbo with Donald and Daisy on there!


Yep, another Disney one! This one is from the Disney x Cath Kinston Peter Pan collection. I saw this and I had to put it in my online basket! I loved this design and I needed this bauble in my collection as it is the perfect Peter Pan decoration. Peter Pan is one of my favourite films, so any chance I get to buy merch from this classic I will!

Ok, ok, I’m sorry, but I love Disney far too much, so this is practically a Disney tree I know! Another selection from Primark that they have brought out this year. These decorations are all Β£5 each and I absolutely love them. I swear Primark know me as these are some of my favourite Disney characters! When I saw these I knew that I needed them on my tree!


I hope you aren’t bored of Disney yet, as here is another one! This one was given to me recently, but it was actually bought back in September. As you can see this is the Genie’s lamp and I bought this when I went to see Aladdin the musical up in London for my birthday! This is such a good quality decoration and a lovely souvenir from a show!


Last Disney one for this tree, I promise! This one was actually bought in the Disney store after I watched Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in the cinema. It was so good that I had to head to the Disney Store to by something Frozen Adventure themed! I came out with this one here that actually plays music! I’m in love with this one as I am a little bit obsessed with Olaf!


Above my bed is my window and on the window sill I have some silver tinsel and some Christmas stocking wire lights. These are from primark and I think they are so cute. They add a touch of festive cheer above my head when I sleep!

There are other little Christmas bits dotted around my room that are Christmas themed and I love it all. Everyone who comes up to my room over the Christmas season, says that my room is like a little Christmas grotto!


Moving out onto the landing one of the first things that you see coming up the stairs is my little springy Santa. This has lots of meaning to it as it was given to me from my Nanny when she lived in Ireland. We were staying at her house and I was obsessed with this Santa as it grows and shrinks. I loved pulling it up and squishing it back down again! It was just such fun and I loved him. As we were leaving my Nanny’s house she pulled me to the side and gave me something that was in a bag. Little did I know that it was my springy Santa! I was so happy and could not believe that she had given it to me! The real reason why she gave it to me was that she was moving to Australia and couldn’t take everything with her and because I had shown such an interest in this little Santa she gifted it to me. It now sits at the top of my stairs watching over everyone!


On the bathroom door I have this wreath. Before my Mum got remarried it used to live downstairs and it would be on one of the communal doors, however my stepdad doesn’t love Christmas as much as me and my Mum so it got moved upstairs. I put it on the bathroom door so that my Mum could still see it as she walks past the bottom of the stairs, so it is kind of on a communal door, but its not to obvious for my stepdad.


This years advent calendar is awesome! I have this little tsum tsum one and it has a type of scenery area that you can place your tsum tsums on, so I grabbed a table and decided to place it on there so that everyone can see it. Plus with it being right outside the bathroom door it means that I won’t forget to open it!


I also get to decorate the spare room which is opposite my room. In here I put my pink Christmas tree which over the years has developed a theme. On this tree there is sort of a blue, silver and a bit of a pink theme. None or very few of the decorations on this tree have any real meaning to them. These have been bought because I love them and I think that they would go well with this tree.

Like my other tree I have Disney decor on here! Yes, I’m obsessed! Again, these are from Primark as they have some amazing pink Disney baubles!

I have others on here that I think look really pretty, that don’t really need a mention, but I wanted to photograph them to show you as I love them! πŸ˜‚

There are all my decorations for this year! I am in love with how festive the upstairs of my house is! I go a little crazy every year!

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