Not so Festive

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I may seem happy and so excited for Christmas in my videos and in my blog posts, but I sit here today feeling Not so Festive. This is the first year where I really feel like that December is just another month floating on by. (It probably doesn’t help that I have had a pretty rubbish day).

I feel like that I haven’t done anything Christmassy this month, which is a complete lie! I’ve done 2 out of the 5 things on my Christmas Bucket List for this year, but I’m still sat here on my bed in my Christmas grotto style room feeling like it may as well be January.

Here are my reasons why I’m not feeling oh so festive.

  1. No Christmas Shopping – For once in my life I was super organised! I had finished all of my Christmas shopping back in November! I had bought everything! I was done. This is so unlike me! I’m very good at getting my presents on Christmas Eve usually, but this year was unlike no other! This for most people would be an amazing thing, but for me, it feels like I havent bought anyone anything. It feels like that I’ve been lazy and not bought things for my friends and family, which couldn’t be more wrong!
  2. Being at College – When I was at school there were soooooo many things that they did that were Christmassy! We had the Carol Service, Christmas School Dinner, Cake decorating competitions and the school was decorated head to toe. Now that I am at college (which I still love btw!) there isn’t really anything Christmassy. There is no Carol Service, there is no Christmas School Dinner (which tasted awful and I really took it for granted as now I miss it!). I don’t even think the college decorate! I haven’t seen one decoration at all! It’s just hard coming from somewhere where everywhere you looked was decorated with red and green!
  3. Being super busy – I’m always busy at Christmas! There is never normally a weekend where I am free, however I’m normally doing Christmassy things! I feel like this year, that I am busy doing anything else but Christmas! Which SUCKS!
  4. Too much work – I have had some major deadlines these last couple of days. Like big deadlines that I have to go by! It’s pretty rubbish, but its meant that any free time that I do have, I have to spend it doing college work!

I feel so petty writing this list, like I’m looking for all the reasons to not feel festive, and like I said, its probably because I’ve had a really rubbish day! I hope that after tomorrow when I have finished college for the term that I can rest a bit and then really get into the Christmas Spirit, as it is really unlike me to not be all that festive!

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  1. I totally understand your feeling! 😦 When I was in uni, December = exams and tons of deadlines so I never really felt festive until a few days before Christmas… What works for me this year is listening to Christmas music while working! Maybe you can give it a try? -xox-

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