Lush Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb Review


I love a good bath and unfortunately I don’t get to have a bath very often as I just don’t have the time to lie in the water and relax, however I love the Lush Christmas stuff so I always try to make time for one so I can have a festive bath! This time I used the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.

This bath bomb is a gorgeous blue colour which was the initial thing that drew me to this, as I love blue! I also LOVED the gold stars that it was a little sparkly too! The smell is also gorgeous! It smelt a bit sweet and a bit fruity at the same time! It has orange and honey and many other things that makes this smell GORGEOUS!


The bath turned the water a lovely blue colour that was honestly beautiful and to make it even better, this water also had sparkles in! Yep this water was shinning bright like a diamond and I was in love!

I got out of the bath feeling like I had been covered in oil, the reason being was that this bath bomb has loads of oil in it too. It’s got almond oil, coconut oil and many more. I did come out feeling like I had been slathered in the stuff, however I woke up the next day and my skin was sssssoooooooooo smooth! Honestly it was glorious! I could imagine this working wonders if you had dry skin as the oil would just smooth it all down! It was lovely! I also did come out slightly sparkly! I mean when I say slightly, I was a bit of a glitter ball!

I would 100% recommend this bath bomb! I loved it and I am totally going to head down to lush and buy some more of this Shoot for the Stars bath bomb!

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