Festive Afternoon Tea at the Level 8ight Sky Bar | Hilton Hotel, Bournemouth


On Tuesday I was kindly invited to the Bournemouth Bloggers Christmas Meet-up at the Level 8ight Sky bar at the Hilton Hotel in Bournemouth. We were given the festive afternoon tea and spoiler alert, it was yummy! The Festive Afternoon Tea has loads to offer and something for everyone with plenty of different sandwiches and different sweet treats.


Incase you are unsure of how an afternoon tea works, you start at the bottom and work your way up, therefore you start with the sandwiches. There are 4 different sandwiches, however if you tell them in advance they are more than happy to offer more vegetarian ones, gluten free, I mean you name it and they will provide it for you! They are so accommodating there. The 4 sandwiches are roast beef & horse radish, smoked salmon & cream cheese, turkey & cranberry or ratatouille. The only sandwich I didn’t try was the Ratatouille as I’m personally not a fan of it, however the other sandwiches were delicious! The sandwiches were made up of different breads so you could remember which one was which.


Moving upwards were an assortment of plain and cranberry scones and a little Christmas pudding in a jar with red currants. The scones were delicious with jam made by ‘From Dorset with Love’ which was so yummy! I also really liked the cranberry in the scone! It added a Christmassy feeling to the afternoon tea experience! On this same level was the Apple and Rasin tart Gourmand. This was delicious, however the pastry was a tiny bit hard for my liking, but the insides off this delicious tart was delicious and I could have easily eaten 10 of these!


To finish off, the top tier featured a chocolate orange dome and a meringue topped with cream, cranberry and fresh fruits. I didn’t try the chocolate orange dome as lets just get it out the way, but I don’t like chocolate (I know, I know, a crime!), however the meringues were delicious and so cute. I loved that they were dyed pink and blue, it made them look so adorable and so cute. The meringues were incredible, and I think I could have scoffed 5 of them down, however I was so full on everything else that I could not eat another bite!


If you have a chance I would head down to the Level 8ight Skybar as firstly you get a stunning view of Bournemouth, especially when the sun is setting and the afternoon tea there is wonderful and the staff were so friendly and more than happy to assist whenever we needed!


A massive thank you to the Level 8ight Sky Bar at the Hilton Hotel in Bournemouth for this insane afternoon tea and thank you to Bournemouth Bloggers for organising!

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This post is not sponsored. I was invited by Bournemouth Bloggers to go to the Meet-up at the Sky Bar, no review was required. All thoughts and opinions are my own 😀

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