Rimmel London #Insta Fix & Go Review


Before I went on all my summer holidays last year I knew that I needed a really good setting spray as I was off to Disney and I needed my makeup to last all day in fairly warm weather. There was no way that at the time I could’ve afforded some of the high end ones! I saw that Rimmel had brought out a brand new range called #Insta. As part of this collection they brought out the Rimmel London #Insta Fix and Go spray. I was super excited as I love Rimmel makeup as I think it is such good quality for a small price! This product claims to be a 2 in 1 Primer & Setting spray that locks makeup into place with just one application.

When in Disney back in the summer, I used this as both a primer and a setting spray as I really wanted to get the longest wear out of my makeup as possible as I would need it to last a good 14 hours or so, which is much longer than usual! Now, I don’t really use primers and I’ve only ever had one other setting spray (which was an even cheaper one I found on Amazon!)so I can’t judge too much!

Lets talk about the sprayer thingy (not sure what to call it, it probably has a fancy name, but the name of it right now alludes me!). I’ve had some sprays that are quite aggressive and spurt out liquid at you super quickly and it only gets the smallest of spots, so you need to use about half the bottle to even get anywhere with it, this is not one of those sprayers. This one is like one the one that you see in all those makeup tutorials where they spray so gracefully and it looks effortless!

Now, the actual product itself (the bit you are probably here for 😂). When I was in Disney, I sprayed this both at the beginning of my routine (after moisturiser) and at the end in the hope that I have some chance of it staying on all day! Now, just to give it some context when I was at Disney I would put my makeup on at roughly 7:30-8am and I would be taking it off at about 1am and quickly jumping into bed! So my makeup was on for about 17 and a half hours a day (which is much longer than I’m used to having it on for!) and in that time I wasn’t coming back to the hotel for touch ups, so this makeup had to last all day. For more context my makeup usually lasts pretty well on a normal day to day basis, I’ve been blessed with skin that makeup sticks too rather than slides off (its called slightly dry skin 😂). In all honesty, I have fallen in love with this spray! My makeup has stayed on my face and looked fresher for longer when I’ve had this on! I have made it part of my daily makeup routine as it just helped with keeping my makeup looking as flawless as it could when you’ve had your makeup on for 17 hours! I would seriously recommend this if you need to give your makeup an extra boost at lasting that little bit longer! I can’t speak for people with oily skin as makeup may have slid off if its on for that long, however, I think this would genuinely help keep it on for that tiny bit longer and for the price, I think its worth it!

This is a nice size bottle of setting spray (100ml) for such a reasonable price of £6.99 (which is a lot cheaper than some of the higher end ones that people say are just as good!) and its such good quality stuff! If you are after a cheaper primer/setting spray then the Rimmel London #Insta Fix & Go Spray is the one for you!

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