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I’m a 20 year old girl who lives on the south coast of the UK who loves to create. I first started my blog on Christmas Eve in 2014 in a hotel room in Thailand as I was so bored and wanted something to do, so I thought starting a blog would be something interesting and maybe even fun to do! Now I (try to) post once a week about beauty/fashion/lifestyle/films. I really enjoy writing and

In the February of 2015 I also started my YouTube Channel also named Tea Time With Ciara where I make weekly vlogs and I also make beauty/fashion/lifestyle videos as well.

You can also get in contact with me on social media by using the hashtag #TeaTimeWithCiara


How long have you been blogging for?
I started my blog on Christmas Eve 2014 in a hotel rom in Thailand as I was bored and wanted something to do so I thought why not give a blog a go! I started uploading videos to my YouTube Channel in February 2015 and have been doing so ever since!

Why is your blog/YouTube channel called ‘Tea Time With Ciara’?
I remember sitting with my best friend at the time in one of our free periods in November 2014. I mentioned how I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel, but never felt confident enough to do so. We then started talking about names for the channel and how I didn’t want it to be boring and just be my name. We joked around and started saying names like ‘Ciarella or Thatcher Ciara’, you know trying to be funny and all. Then I looked down at my hands and saw that I was holding a cup of tea and suggested ‘ Tea Time With Ciara’ and it kind of stuck!

Do you do the photography yourself?
Yes, I have a passion for photography! I currently take A Level Photography so I do like to practise. However, there are odd occasions where I use the images and I always state that when the images are not mine.

What camera do you use?
My first camera that I used for both blogging and my YouTube channel was the Canon 1200D with the standard kit lens. As I have progressed with my photography I upgraded my camera in December of 2016 to the Canon 700D which I predominantly use my Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens. To make my vlogs I use my Canon S120 and I sometimes use my iPhone 7 Plus camera and my GoPro.

How do you edit your videos?
I use iMovie, however one day I would love to upgrade to Final Cut Pro. (Maybe when I’m rich and famous! ūüėā)

How do you edit your pictures?
I use a mixture of PicMonkey.com (mainly for thumbnails) as I love the choice of text there is. I don’t pay for it as I also have Photoshop which I use to edit my photos.

What A Levels do you study?
Film Studies, Media Studies & Photography.

Favourite Disney Film?
Beauty and the Beast easily! Definitely the cartoon version though! I love the live action but I have such an attachment to the cartoon that I don’t think another ¬†version could replace! However, it is closely followed by The Lion King and Hercules,

When are you next off to Disney?
I’m off to Disneyland California at the beginning of March 2018 for a day. Apart from that I have no other trips planned for this year, but I hope that will change!

When is your birthday?
29th September

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