Architecture in London

Back in December I took a trip up to London to take some pictures for my photography. For this shoot we got to choose a topic for our shoot. I wanted to focus my shoot on architecture as this looked quite interesting and there were lots of artists to research when looking at architecture. I also... Continue Reading →

Reflection In London

Last week I handed in my urban environment photography project that is worth 60% of my grade and over the past few months I have been sharing images that I have taken over the course of this project. Just before the new year Mum and I went up to London to do a couple of... Continue Reading →

Winchester Christmas Market

As part of my photography A Level we were given a shoot that was about depth. Our teacher then asked us to have a theme of markets and street furniture. I immediately took that as a Christmas Market and the first place I immediately thought of Winchester. Winchester has been voted the best Christmas market... Continue Reading →


As some of you guys know I do photography A Level and the topic we are studying is urban environment. Last week we had to do a shoot on motion. I have been looking forward to this shoot as this is the type of photography that I never knew how to do, but always wanted... Continue Reading →

Spain Photos

I have an apology to make! I haven't blogged in like a month this is because I have been on holiday which means I have neglected my blog. So for this weeks blog I wanted to share some of my holiday photos with you. If you would like to see more you can watch my... Continue Reading →


Again I am back with another photography post and this time it is about the frost that we had a couple of weeks back. In my front garden I have a fountain and the other week it had completely iced over, so I had to get the camera out and take lots of photos of... Continue Reading →


Recently I  have been doing some photography and one thing that I have become obsessed with taking pictures of are clouds and this post is just me showing you all the photographs of clouds. I decided to do clouds because to me they can be so calming and relaxing to look at. Also, they can... Continue Reading →

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