Easter Baking

Happy Easter! As we all know I am obsessed with baking and Easter is the perfect time to bake in my eyes! Last year  I saw this similar sheep cake in the co-op and I thought I could create a better version! It was really easy and simple to make! AND IT WAS YUMMY! I... Continue Reading →

Honolulu Bronzer by W7 Makeup Review

A little while ago I made an order from W7 Makeup as they are known for producing dupes of your favourite high end makeup. I bought the Honolulu Bronzer as it reminded me of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer (I mean even the name is similar!). I've always wanted to try the Benefit bronzer, but have never... Continue Reading →

Architecture in London

Back in December I took a trip up to London to take some pictures for my photography. For this shoot we got to choose a topic for our shoot. I wanted to focus my shoot on architecture as this looked quite interesting and there were lots of artists to research when looking at architecture. I also... Continue Reading →

Libester Award

Last week I was very kindly nominated for the Libester Award by my lovely blogger friend Louise from Louise Bodle. This award is similar to an award I was nominated for called The Versatile Blogger Award. These things are great as they are new ways for people to find new bloggers as its one of those... Continue Reading →


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