I am a big fan of music and I love to learn new things about it and I love to learn new instruments too. One of the easiest instruments I have ever picked up is the ukulele.

I taught myself how to play because I didn’t have enough money for lessons and also some of my friends had ukuleles and I had a little fiddle on theirs before I got my own and was hooked.
There are so many YouTube videos out there of people teaching you how to play the ukulele and they all teach popular songs (TheUkuleleTeacher is my favourite). Or there are even blog posts that teach you how to play them.
If you want to learn guitar but can’t either afford one or like me have tried one and found it too hard then the ukulele is the instrument for you!
The ukulele has 4 strings and the fret board is a lot smaller than a guitars therefore making it easier to play as there are less places to put your fingers! Also the strings are a lot thicker so it means that if you have slightly bigger fingers like my own then instead of holding down two strings on a guitar you’ll hold one string on a ukulele.
The ukulele is such a fun instrument to play and it’s a great one to take on holiday or camping as its a all and it gives off those cute vibes!
This ukulele is for Rocket Music and it cost around £25 on Amazon. It came with a soft case which means I can transport it without it getting scratched, however if I were to take it on holiday I would buy a hard case so it doesn’t get broken. These cost around the £30 mark but it’s definitely worth it!
Let me know if you learn to play the ukulele and tell me what songs are best to play!