November Favourites 2016

Welcome to the first proper post of the festive season! I thought I would start it off with a favourites blog post like I did last year! However, there aren’t as many things as last year!img_7296


My first favourite has to be one of which I mentioned in last years November favourites! It is the Maybeline Creamy Matte Lipstick in the shade Divine Wine. I get so many compliments wearing this shade and it feels absolutely divine to wear on the lips as it is so creamy yet it gives me the matte finish that I’m after. I;ve also established that this lipstick doesn’t need too much of a touchup when wearing it, yes obviously it needs a little touchup after you’ve been eating or drinking, however if you are just wearing it and not doing anything like that it doesn’t wear off like some other lipsticks I’ve tried. This lipstick is just the perfect colour for me and I really enjoy wearing this.


This month I have fallen back in love with the BodyShop Spiced Apple Shimmer mist. I bought this last year as it was part of their Christmas collection as it smelt of apples and had sparkly bits in it, which obviously makes anything a million times better! The scent of this is perfect, as it is really fruity (nice one Ciara, its an apple is a fruit!). The scent of this lasts for a fair amount of time and I’ve had a few complements when wearing this and it’s just lovely!


I love watching TV, and having Netflix has made watching a TV series at once much easier. This month I have been obsessed with the TV series ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’. This stars Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez III and Santino Fontana. It’s a show about a girl who moves across the country to try and get back with her ex. This series is one of my favourites as it also features songs, its almost like the TV show is a musical. This is a really funny series and I feel that is really relatable!

Those are my favourites for the month of November! What are yours?