My Thoughts on La La Land


Last week I went to go and see the new film La La Land in cinemas with my Mum. I was so excited to see this film because of all of the insane reviews that I have been hearing. Also, this film won 7 Golden Globes, so in my mind this movie had to be good!

I love a good musical! The music in this was stunning. I listened to the soundtrack about 3 days before and I fell in love with it. I was singing it in the car for days! I loved it, the music and the lyrics are just out of this world. I mean seriously, the soundtrack!!!! You just need to listen to it!

Cinematically, this is a stunning film. I mean the duration of the shots was just so nice to see. The editing just felt really minimalistic and it was so nice to see, considering we live in an age where post production is a huge deal! In general, the camera work is just something that is so beautiful I just can’t. I’m not even forming proper sentences about this anymore! I mean, if you are a budding film maker, you will understand where I am coming from! It was just nice for once to see that Ryan Gosling can actually play the piano and it wasn’t someone else’s hands over the keys, it was just lovely to see, and I can see where it could win awards that way.

Now,¬†onto the story. My initial reaction to the story was that it didn’t really go anywhere. The basic storyline is boy meets girl and they fall in love and then due to circumstances, they break up. Therefore, in my eyes it didn’t really go anywhere. Looking back, I do understand it is a little bit more than that. I would have preferred a better story line as in my opinion the story was good, not ‘wow’.

In my opinion, La La Land is a stunning movie that is definitely a must watch. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of musicals. La La Land is like a piece of art that should be hung up on the wall and admired. This is a kind of film that I would like to make in the future!

What are your thoughts on La La Land?