Xmas Plans 2017


Someone commented on one of my videos and asked if I could talk about my plans for this festive season. I thought this was a great idea, however, I never got round to filming it! It’s a been bit busy and I haven’t been able to film much, therefore I decided that I would write a blog post about it instead! I’m going to start from tomorrow as I feel like I have more going on in the run up to Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Monday 18th December

In ย the morning I’m going to head to Winchester with my Mum and have a look round the Christmas market as Winchester Christmas market is one of my favourites, and it is not a Christmas without visiting it at some point! Then at around 6:30 I need to be in Southampton as I have been invited to go and review the panto at the Mayflower Theatre with Southampton Bloggers, which I’m super excited about,so look out for a review in the next couple of days!

Tuesday 19th December

Another blogging event happening on this day! I believe its my last one of the year which is super sad! But I’m excited that it is with the wonderful Bournemouth Bloggers at the Hilton Hotel in Bournemouth. It’s not really an event type thing, but it is a complementary festive afternoon tea!

Wednesday 20th December & Thursday 21st December

My plan for these two days is to finish my Christmas cards, finish wrapping, film a couple of videos if possible and relax before the big day!

Friday 22nd December

On Friday, I’m going up to London with my Mum, Grandma and my Grandma’s best friend Viv. We are going to Wembley arena to watch Andre Rieu’s Christmas concert. Incase you don’t know who Andre Rieu is, I’m pretty much 99.9% sure that your grandparents will! Rieu is a hit with the older ladies! Andre Rieu is a musician and conductor of an orchestra. He plays classical music and from what I’ve heard, he is pretty good! If I’m being honest with you, I’m not looking forward to the music or seeing Andre Rieu perform. I don’t believe I’ve heard any music of Rieu’s, so I’m not bothered. However, what I am excited to see is my Grandma’s face when she sees Rieu perform! My Grandma and Viv have been so excited to see Andre Rieu for months and they even have matching scarfs with Rieu’s face on that they have told me they are going to be waving in the arena. I can’t wait to do something for my Grandma, rather than her doing something that I enjoy.

Saturday 23rd December

This is going to be the calm before the storm. I can imagine that I will be spending my time baking the Christmas desserts and cakes as that is my task as my step dad doesn’t do dessert!

Sunday 24th December

Christmas Eve! My Grandma and my step sister with her husband and 3 children are all coming round to go to our local church to go to the Interactive Nativity. This is where all the children can dress up as whatever they want and be included in the nativity. I mean I’m pretty sure every year we have a spider man and some form of tiger, yet the vicar still manages to include everyone in the story. It’s so wonderful to see all the children go up and have fun and celebrate Christmas together.

Monday 25th December

CHRISTMAS DAY! In my opinion, the best day of the year! This year we have 9 of us at the table including myself, this might sound like a lot for some, but for us, this is small. We are very used to a very busy Christmas! Normally there is 12 of us around our tiny table, but this year it is a little bit more spacious! We are having two meats like normal! We have both goose and turkey with all the trimmings, and I am soooooooo excited for that goose! I love a good goose!

Tuesday 26th December

Boxing Day has always been a chill day in my house hold. It’s the real calm after the storm. Occasionally we may have family round and we eat all the leftovers, but really we kind of spend the day filling with what we got for Christmas and also spending time with each other.

So, that is what I am doing for the lead up to Christmas. I’m super excited for Christmas and I am really feeling festive now! I can’t wait for December 25th!

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  1. Hi,
    I’m the person that commented on the video, thank you for doing the blog post. I’m a bit late to the party because the majority of these days have been ahaha. This all sounds amazing and very busy!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas


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