Now if you are one of my friends reading this then you are probably laughing right now due to the title. If you are a new reader of this blog you are probably thinking ‘How the hell is “Sketching” funny?’ Well my dear readers that is because I can’t and I don’t draw. However, I have been inspired to buy a sketchbook and pick up my pencils and start drawing again. I was inspired by one of my best friends blog ‘Wanderings of a Lost Soul’ as she recently did a blog post on her Moleskin 001 sketchbook. Now admittedly I did not go out and buy a Moleskin as for someone who is not the best at sketching and will probably only be interested in it for a few weeks its a bit pricey. So when I was in Hobbycraft I had a look at all the sketchbooks and bought one for £6.50 (then take off 10% because of student discount YES!) which is reasonable value for a good quality sketchbook for your worse than average sketcher.

So when I decided to pick up drawing again all I had to do was buy the book as an aunt of mine a few years back (like 7 years) bought this massive box of artist colouring pencils for a present which at the time I was like ‘only pencils are you kidding me’, but now I realise how amazing that was and how they were probably a bit pricey for a 10 year old, but hey I liked drawing then and I thought I was good, which later my art teacher, Miss Coates, told me that the best drawing I had done for her was a stick man and a different one which I told her after that my Mum had drawn because I kept getting bad grades in my year 8 sketchbook and I wanted at least one good grade!

Sketching Blog 2015 001

Sketching Blog 2015 007Like I said my sketchbook is from Hobbycraft and cost £6.50 it’s from a company called Graduate I believe? I don’t really know, I’m not that into sketching that I know all the ins and outs of it. All I know is that it’s a company based for student sketchbooks that are affordable, but also good quality so us students don’t have to fork out £20 for a decent sketchbook.

Sketching Blog 2015 008 Sketching Blog 2015 011

So I’m going to see how this whole sketching thing turns out and you never know I may post a few pics of some sketches if they are any good? Who knows?