My Facebook Status in 2020

blue triangleWith teachers ramming it down my throat about the future and universities, its only natural that I’ve been thinking about the future and I was wondering what my Facebook status could be. I don’t tend to use Facebook much, I’m much more of an Instagram or Twitter girl, but I do post on  Facebook every so often.

So I thought about what I would’ve liked to of happened by 2020, so I’m going to create a list of things that I would’ve like to of happened

  • Passed my A Levels
  • Went travelling with some friends
  • Moved to Ireland
  • Got a degree from University
  • Bought my own house
  • Starting my career in something
  • Got a bit more of a following on my blog and YouTube channel

So a potential status could be:



So there we go. Hopefully some statuses that I will have by 2020. What will your Facebook status be in 2020?


Fake Facebook Status from

Blue Triangle from

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