Fail of a School Trip

Psychology Class at St Anne's Mental Hospital

Psychology Class at St Anne’s Mental Hospital

My psychology teacher decided last Friday that it was a good idea that we go to St Anne’s Mental Hospital to talk to a member of staff there about all the therapies they offer there.

So Friday morning we all got into the school mini-bus and headed to St Anne’s for our trip. We arrived at St Anne’s Hospital to find out that there had been a slight ‘situation’ on one of the wards so the nurse that was supposed to take us round the hospital no longer could, so we had someone else talking to us. This person didn’t really have much of an idea of what to say so we sort of had a talk which lasted all of about 50 minutes.

The mini-bus wasn’t due to pick us up till much later in the day so we walked through the gardens of the hospital down to the beach and ate our lunch.

For the next 3 hours we spent down on Sandbanks Beach having a chat with our  psychology teacher and talking about anything but psychology!

In all honesty I think it was one of the most pointless but best school trip ever!