Running Late for School Routine | Video

I haven’t spoken much about school this summer, but unfortunately it’s that time of year where it’s back to school time! So for todays video I decided to show you what  I do when I’m running late for school in the morning!

Now when I say running late I mean I slept in for a good extra 20 mins so essentially I only have 15-20 minutes to get ready!

Hope you enjoyed this video!

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Rainy, August, Tuesday Afternoon


I’m sat here at my computer with a cup of tea on a rainy August Tuesday afternoon and I ask myself where is summer and I’ve sort of realised that we haven’t really had a summer (weather wise in the UK) which makes me sad because I never got my tan! (It’s ok Ciara, you were never gonna get one anyway!)

Don’t get me wrong I have defintely enjoyed my ‘summer’ holiday, but it would have been nice to go for a beach walk instead of a cinema trip. It would have been nice to go exploring more, but instead I sat inside because of the rain.

I don’t really have much point to this blog apart from the fact that I’m sat here with not a lot to do and I felt like blogging about something!

Thank for reading this random blog!


First Impression: Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation | Video

For todays video I decided to do a First Impression of my Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, which I have had in my draw for a month now and I have never worn it! So on Thursday I decided that it was the perfect time to test it out!

Hope you enjoy it!

Anything else you would like me to do a first impression of or review let me know!

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Camping in Weymouth

Last Sunday me and my friends went to Weymouth for a little camping gettaway! We chose Weymouth because they allow under 18’s to camp there without an adult and it was also fairly cheap.Weymouth Camping 063

We went camping basically on a farm! Eweleaze is only open as a campsite for 4 weeks of the year and the rest of the year it is used as a farm! So we were litterall camping on a farm. The facilities there were actually pretty good and there was so much to do on the campsite itself that you didn’t have to go out anywhere and you could stay on the campsite. There was a hay bail play area, loads of animals which you could pet/feed and so much more. You don’t even have to cook your own food because there is a restaurant, bakery, pizza van and a hot food counter! They also have a farm shop on site which sells amazing food that is all homemade! But because this is a farm they can get away with the expensive prices and if I could do it again I wouldn’t spend my money on the food at the campsite because for what it was, it wasn’t worth the money. I mean in the restaurant some tomato pasta, with feta cheese and olives was £10 and I sort of felt I could’ve cooked it myself for a lot less money… But I suppose it was a holiday, so I was happy to spend the money if it meant I didn’t have to cook!

Whilst we were in Weymouth we didn’t do too much because like the typical English summer the weather wasn’t it’s best and we had a lot of rain! We ened up just going into Weymouth and looking round some of the shops and spending most of our time in this wonderful independent cafe called The Good Life Cafe. We went here twice. The first time I had an afternoon tea which included a scone and a MASSIVE pot of tea and the next time we went I had a piece of Elderflower Victoria Sponge cake, which was suprisingly delicious and I never thought that combo would ever work! I really do recomend this cafe because it has BEAUTIFUL views and its just so vintagy that it was totaly a me place to go!

IMG_2696 IMG_2695

Weymouth Camping 015 Weymouth Camping 022 Weymouth Camping 025

For an afternoon we also headed down to Chesil Beach. We didn’t stay here very long because it was super cold! It was so windy and so we ended up just chilling in my car and heading back to the campsite for a barbeque and s’mores which were delicious!IMG_2721

The rest of the time we sort of just chilled at the campsite and just rested which was really nice.Weymouth Camping 062

This campsite was very nice and there were loads of families there so if you had some children and wanted to go on a camping holiday then I think this would be the perfect place to do it! Weymouth Camping 070 Weymouth Camping 076 Weymouth Camping 079If you would like to see a video of this my friend G has made a video of our time there so check it out!

I really enjoyed my time camping and spending the few days with the girlies and I look forward to plannning next years adventures!


5 Facts about Us | Video

On Monday I was looking after my niece Lily and I thought it would be a great idea as a babysitting idea that we would film a video together! So as an introduction to Lily we decided that we would do 5 facts about ourselves.

Thank you to Lily for being in my video!

Hope you enjoy it!

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Motivational Monday | Results Edition

I haven’t done a Motivational Monday in ages! That’s probably because I haven’t been very motivated to do anything because it’s the summer holidays!

However last Thursday (13th August) and this Thurday (20th August) are very important to some people because it’s their results day!

I was one of the people who collected their A Level Results which was last Thursday, but GCSE people are still waiting for their results and I really wish you get the best results possible.

But this post isn’t about wishing you luck, because I know everyone would have done their best for their exams. This post is about what happens after your results.

I’ve collected 2 sets of results now so I feel like I know what I am doing when it comes to them so you would’ve thought that it was easy to prepare yourself for the results day, but I know its the worst thing ever! The day before you are all panicy about the fact that you think you have failed and then on actual results day you sigh in relief that you haven’t failed them!

I don’t know wether this is the same at your schools, but at my school we are ery much pressured to get the best grades possible so we can still keep our position as no.1 school in Bournemouth, and that is a HUGE amount of pressure. My GCSE results were alright, not the best and let me just tell you that I did not get any A*, but I passed every single one and also I was allowed to do all of the A Levels I wanted to do, which was my main goal, but somehow my school/friends still made me feel like I hadn’t done that well! I have heard stories that someone at my school cried because they didn’t get any A*’s, which I think should never happen! Also some people cried because they got C’s! (I’m glad those people didn’t get my results because I think they would have caused the whole of Bournemouth to flood! No school should make someone feel like that and I think that it is terrible that my school does make people feel like that! A C is a very good grade!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get all A’s and A*’s because all you will get is the same certificate as the person with all C’s! As soon as you start your A Levels no one cares about your GCSE’s and from what I have heard from friends who have gone to uni, as soon as you start your degree no one cares about your A Levels!

If you do feel like you have ‘messed up’ I urge you to talk to your teachers to see what they can do about it. There is always other options and don’t be scared by it all!

So good luck for the GCSE students and Well done to all A Level students!

Photo taken by Ciara O’Doherty of Weymouth beach. Edited by Ciara O’Doherty

Sorry for the rambly post, but I needed to get my thoughts and opinions out there and the way I’ve written it is the only way I know how to explain it!


How I Style: White Shirts | Video

For this weeks video I wanted to do some sort of styling video!

I love wearing shirts, I wear them all the time and I have an ever growing collection of them, but I know most people would have a white shirt maybe for work purposes or like me and wanting a shirt in every colour (I’m still working on that!)

So here is me in this little video of 4 ways that I style a white shirt!

Hope you like it!

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Busy but Blissful

Irealand 2015 Malahide Castle 207I feel sort of bad because I have missed a few Fridays for blogs, but in another way I feel like I’m leading a very busy life at the moment and I feel that a lots happened this last week and blogging was sort of at the bottom of my list, which is a bad thing because I enjoy it so much!

So your wondering then what were you up to last week? Well from last Sunday through to Wednesday I was camping with the girlies (blog post coming soon, not sure when, but all I know is soon!), then Thursday was the scary thing of A-Level results day, which was very stressful, but all I will tell anyone about my results is that I’m pleased with them! Then Friday I went shopping with my Mum in Southampton looking for some shoes for my step sisters wedding next month and then Saturday came (which is today) I haven’t done that much which has been somewhat blissful!

I remeber before our camping trip that I was complaining I wasn’t doing much and I hated days where I stayed at home and did nothing and now I am craving them, but now school is only 2 weeks away I feel like these next 2 weeks are becomming ever so full, because I still need to finish my history work that was set this summer, and I feel like there was a psychology essay set, but no one really knows…?

This week right now seems pretty bare, but knowing me and my friends we will plan something very last minute because who needs planning time!

So that is it from me! I promise I will be a better blogger and blog! But for now I’m going to bed!


Musical Monday | Busy

I’m back with a Musical Monday! Today I decided to throw us all back with this 2011 hit Busy by the one and only Olly Murs!

If you didn’t know I am a fan of the Mr Olly Murs! I have been a fan ever since he was on X Factor.

Busy is one of my favourite songs he’s ever written so it was obvious that I had to cover it! (Or it was just really easy on the ukulele) (but it is still one of my favourites).

Thanks for watching!

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Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Video

I made everything for this video months ago, but I never got round to uploading it! It’s great because right now I will actually be on route to Weymouth to go camping! YAY!

This is my brown smokey eye that I love, but I never wear this look that often, because for me, it’s a bit dramatic for everyday! I actually wore this exact makeup look to prom a year ago, so this look is perfect for glam nights out!

If you recreate this look, please show me

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