Camping in Weymouth

Last Sunday me and my friends went to Weymouth for a little camping gettaway! We chose Weymouth because they allow under 18's to camp there without an adult and it was also fairly cheap. We went camping basically on a farm! Eweleaze is only open as a campsite for 4 weeks of the year and... Continue Reading →

5 Facts about Us | Video

On Monday I was looking after my niece Lily and I thought it would be a great idea as a babysitting idea that we would film a video together! So as an introduction to Lily we decided that we would do 5 facts about ourselves. Thank you to Lily for being in my video! Hope... Continue Reading →

Motivational Monday | Results Edition

I haven't done a Motivational Monday in ages! That's probably because I haven't been very motivated to do anything because it's the summer holidays! However last Thursday (13th August) and this Thurday (20th August) are very important to some people because it's their results day! I was one of the people who collected their A... Continue Reading →

Busy but Blissful

I feel sort of bad because I have missed a few Fridays for blogs, but in another way I feel like I'm leading a very busy life at the moment and I feel that a lots happened this last week and blogging was sort of at the bottom of my list, which is a bad... Continue Reading →

Musical Monday | Busy

I'm back with a Musical Monday! Today I decided to throw us all back with this 2011 hit Busy by the one and only Olly Murs! If you didn't know I am a fan of the Mr Olly Murs! I have been a fan ever since he was on X Factor. Busy is one of... Continue Reading →

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