PGL Throwback

Today I am off to PGL with a bunch of Brownies and Guides for a weekend full of fun. This is the first time I have gone to PGL as an adult leader. I have been to PGL twice or three times before (I can’t remember!), so I thought that I would do a little throwback to younger me at PGL.


I don’t  have many photos from my first trip when I was a Brownie, however I have a couple more from when I went when I was a senior section member.

pgl throwback 1pgl throwback

I don’t  actually have that many photos of me when I was at PGL because usually I am behind the camera, plus also if any of you have ever been to PGL you know that there is very little time for photos at PGL because there are so many things to do.

I’m so excited to be finally going again, maybe I might take some more photos this weekend!

I hope you like this little throwback!


The Power of Makeup

I have been watching a few videos on YouTube and have found this thing called the Power of Makeup, so I thought that I had to check it out and see what it was about. This is where you put makeup on half of your face to show that you don’t need makeup, which I think is super important! There are so many girls out there who feel that they have to wear makeup to look ok, where really they don’t need it. I am fortunate enough to have been blessed with pretty good skin, therefore, why do I spend so much time EVERYDAY putting makeup on my face! I don’t get it, but then I will still continue to paint my face! I feel like we should all try to go out more without the makeup a little more as it is not always an essential!

Anyway, I will stop with the little rant from me! Here is me showing you myself putting makeup on half of my face!

I hope you like it!

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Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Review

rimmel makeup 001

The other day I was on the hunt for a new drugstore foundation. Now I kind of hate looking for new foundations because there are so many with so many different properties that I never know which one to get! So I turned to Zoella to see what drugstore foundation she had been using to see if I could find something that I would want to use and she mentioned the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation.

I recently tested out this foundation at my friend’s 18th birthday barn dance party. I decided to test it here because I new it was going to get pretty hot and sweaty and I wanted to see its staying power as it claims to last through sweat and heat for 25 hours. I will say that I wore for about 6 hours.

With this foundation I think it works better with a beauty blender instead of a brush, however, if I had spent a little bit longer with a brush (and it was a bit cleaner) I think it could have worked well. This had amazing coverage which  and even with a load of sweat still stayed on for the whole six hours. It also turned out alright in the photos that we had taken too. Overall, I think this foundation is really good for the money. The only thing I would say is that the shade is probably the tiniest bit dark for me, but then the lighter shade was too light.

I love trying new foundations. Anymore I need to try?


GRWM: Barn Dance

My friend is turning 18 soon and for her party she decided to throw a Barn Dance! I have been so excited for this ever since I got the invite at the end of February/early March time! I have been planning my outfit ever since I got the invite, so I thought that I might get a video out of it and make a Get Ready with me.

I hope you liked this!

Thank you for the invite Reba and Happy Birthday!


Outfit and Makeup for a Bowling Date

haul and bowling 009

Recently I went on a date and we went bowling. I had absolutely no idea what to wear or how to do my hair or makeup. I searched high and low on the internet for ideas and I was asking my friends. I had been planning what to wear for weeks and in the end I went with something comfortable. I thought this could be helpful!

Sunsets and blog 019.JPG

haul and bowling 007

For my makeup I thought I would keep it natural rather than a bold statement look as I thought this would be better. I used the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, as this is a full coverage foundation that lasts forever, so basically it was a perfect foundation for this occasion. I then went in the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as this is also perfect. Then for powder I used my trustee Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I decided not to use a contour as I wanted to keep this natural, however I did decide to use a highlighter and I used a Revlon highlighter in the shade Rose Glow. This highlighter also has a hint of blush in it, so it meant that I could be lazy! After the highlighter I moved onto my eyes. I used the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I put the shade W.O.S. over my eyelid and then in the crease I used Naked 2 and then a really light dusting of Faint. I lined my eyes using the shade Crave ftom the Naked Basics Palette, however any matte black will do. I curled my lashes and used my favourite mascarra, which at the moment is the Rimmel Scandal Eye. The last thing I did was my brows. I’ve never been very good with brows and I don’t normally do them. I used the Soap & Glory Archery Pencil and just filled them in.

haul and bowling 011

For my hair I did it in a half up half down style as then it wouldn’t get into my face whilst I was bowling, plus I have been loving this style!

haul and bowling 005

For my outfit I wore this green jumper from H&M. I love the colour of this and I get many complements when I wear it, therefore I thought it would be perfect. I also paired it with some black jeans as they are really comfortable! I also wore my blue converses that I have had for forever. I wore these because then you don’t have to wear those ridiculous bowling shoes!

I hope you found this useful.


Spring Essentials

Sunsets and blog 006

I love Spring. Everything feels so much fresher at this time of year. I love the fact that at this time of year I wear more pastel colour things and more pinks because I feel that these colours are more appropriate for Spring. I thought that I would share with you some of the things I need for Spring.

Sunsets and blog 011

As soon as the beginning of March hits, I start to bring out the pastel coloured nail polish. The ones I have are from Barry M (I also wrote a review on them). I love the pastel look as it makes my hands feel so much lighter and more elegant.

Sunsets and blog 015

Sunsets and blog 016

Sticking with the beauty, in Spring I can’t live without my Naked palette or my MUA undressed palette. The MUA undressed palette is a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Both of these palettes are amazing and I switch between the 2 depending on which one I want to use. These have a mix of golds and there are a few pinks in these palettes. Also these palettes are perfect because you can create so many different looks. Both palettes are really good quality and I use both fairly regularly.

Sunsets and blog 008

Another makeup product that I ALWAYS use in Spring is a MAC lipstick in the shade Lovelorn. This lipstick is perfect for Spring as it is a really natural pink shade. I love this lipstick so much. It is really moisturising on the lips!

Sunsets and blog 022

For me a good pair of black dungarees or a black pinafore dress is the perfect outfit companion for Spring. You can layer items of clothing with these and they just look so perfect. They are also ridiculously comfortable which is perfect for coming into the warmer weathers!

Sunsets and blog 010

When the weather is getting lighter I like to take more pictures, however, because there is more light which means I can use my polaroid camera. I plan to take many pictures with this camera over the next few months. I just love how in the moment a polaroid is. The only problem with my polaroid is that it is quite big, however, I love my polaroid is one of my biggest loves.

Sunsets and blog 012

My last essential for Spring is sunglasses. As we start to head towards summer the sun starts to come out more and the perfect companion for sun is sunglasses. I love the good old black ray bans. These are perfect as they go with every outfit!

Those are all of my Spring Essentials. Do you have any other Spring Essentials? Let me know