What I want to do this Summer

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I wrote a blog post on this very topic last year because I love to have goals and plans. One of my favourite things to do in fact is to sit down with my diary and plan everything.

Also I am writing this post fairly early on in the summer because last week was my last exam and I NEVER HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL AGAIN!

My friend Ellie and I spent most of our time at school this year making lists of things that we wanted to do and I thought I would share these things with you.

  • Go on holiday (more than once)
  • Similarly to last year take more pictures (I love documenting my life with pictures/videos)
  • Also sticking with the photography theme I want to get a disposable camera and take lots of pictures and then at the end of summer get them developed to have memories that are actually printed!
  • Have a BBQ
  • Get lost in the middle of no where
  • Go visit London
  • Road Trips
  • Spend time with family (especially my Mum and Grandma)
  • Swim in the sea
  • Spend time with friends
  • Camping! (I love camping!)
  • Try to keep some form of journal
  • Vlog more
  • HAVE FUN! 🙂

Spain and YouTube boyfriend 004

This summer is one I want to remember because technically I won’t have a summer like this again because of the fact that I don’t have to go to school ever again!

Like I said in last years post, I highly doubt that I will manage to achieve all of these, but I hope by the time that September comes I have achieved many if not most of them!

Do you have any plans?


Leaving School

Today is the first day that I don’t have to turn up to school again (or my first day of freedom). This is because it has come to a time where it is my time to leave. I actually left school at the end of May, but I am calling yesterday my last day because I have no more exams and never have to go to school ever again.


I thought that it would be fitting to post my first ever day of school photo as I feel that it would be cute! I started school back in September 2002 (bunches was obviously the fashion back then!).

On my last day of lessons the whole year decided to get dressed up and I decided to go as Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast, as she is my favourite princess ever! I bought this dress from New Look and it was so cheap! It was only £7.99 and it was perfect for the occasion, also I feel like I could wear this again in the summer as a summer dress, perhaps I shouldn’t have my hair the same otherwise people would think I am channeling my inner Princess Belle (which I do on a regular basis). My friend Ellie came as Rapunzel from Tangled, this is because she has the longest blonde hair that I have ever seen!


I’m still a little confused to how I feel about leaving school. I am super happy to be leaving school, unfortunately I haven’t enjoyed sixth form as much as I thought I would. However, I am incredibly sad, school has been a huge part of my life, I mean I am there Monday to Friday for hours on end. School isn’t something that you can re-do whereas with things in the future such as university, you can get as many degrees as you want! I definitely know that I will miss some of the incredible people that I have met at my school, especially my subject staff, one of which has taught me for the last 7 years, which is insane, to think that I am not going to be taught by the 5 teachers who have taught me for the last 2 years, is going to be weird. Also, never having a lesson in a classroom again is going to be a strange new concept that I think to start with I will not miss, but as time goes on will become incredibly strange…

Leaving school is weird, it sort of means that we all have to grow up and actually get proper jobs and actually become an adult.

I also want to take this opportunity to wish good luck to my year as we all go on our separate ways to either uni or a job or even travelling the world. I hope in the future that we all keep in contact and I hope that you all of you have happy and perfect lives!

Good Luck to the Class of 2016!


Exam Morning Routine

As you may know I am mid way through my exams and I am so nearly finished them, but I thought for this weeks video I would show you my exam morning routine.

I hope you like it!

If you are doing exams like me I wish you all the best!

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May Favourites

It feels like it has been forever since I made a favourites video, so for this weeks video I thought it would be a great idea to show off the things I have been loving throughout May!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip Review

Lyndhurst Day Out 029IMG_1498

The thing that is all the rage at the moment is matte liquid lipsticks, thanks to the Kylie Jenner Lip kits and lets be honest, most of you reading this have tried to get your hands on one at some point and have either failed at getting one because they sell out so quickly or cried at the price of it and then the shipping fees and the potential of having to pay customs on it and it being incredibly expensive and there is no way that you could afford that in a million years. Therefore I did some research to either get the lip kits here for a cheaper price or an alternative. When doing research I ofund that the company that make the Kylie Lip Kits also make the COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip. These are pretty much half the price of the Kylie kits as they are only $6 each, however, unfortunately they don’t ship to the UK so I had a look and saw that you could get them on Amazon and they cost a complete bomb! So I had to see if I could find them any cheaper, I found that the cheapest way to do it was to get them on ebay, this came out at £11.45 (including postage). This was the cheapest I could find it and also there was no postage so that was amazing so I made an order.

I only bought one of the shades as I wanted to try it out to see if I would like it. I bought the shade Bianca, as I thought that this would be a nice natural colour for me to where and also I have way to many red lipsticks (blog post on my red lipsticks here!) This is the perfect shade for my skin tone! I will say that it is slightly darker than what they say but I still think it looks amazing!

 Now onto the actual product. The application of this was really easy, the lipstick glided on quite easily and felt really nice. I figured that it would be quite drying on the lips, however, it didn’t feel all that drying on the lips all I will say is that it felt slightly sticky for some reason, however it wasn’t uncomfortable, it just wasn’t expected as they the lipsticks dry matte. The real thing that I think that is amazing for this product is the staying power for this. With the COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip you don’t need to reapply even after eating which is amazing because I am also always forgetting to reapply.

Overall, I am super impressed with the COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip is a product that I would really recommend this and I would definitely buy more shades (when I have a bit more money!).