A year ago today I announced the exciting fact that I was blogging everyday in July and I really enjoyed blogging that whole month and I did successfully manage it! However, I noticed that after that full on month of blogging I found it hard to pick up the blogging again as I was all out of ideas. I don’t want that to happen again!

So this year I have decided to vlog everyday in July. Now this is a heck of a lot more work than blogging, however I managed to do it in December for vlogmas and I was at school for some of it, so I feel like it will be a good idea (I think).

I have loads of fun things planned in July to do and I am so happy that I am going to share them with you, so please if you are interested in daily vlogging please check out my YouTube channel!

There will still be weekly blog posts on here on Fridays at 9am, so make sure to stay tuned for those too!