Meetdraw Masquerade Ball


Last week I went to my second ever blogger event and it was a networking event at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth, it was with a company called Meetdraw. This was the first year that they had done a big Christmas bash as in previous years they had done a meal that we had to pay for and only a small amount of people were allowed to go. This year the tickets were free and it was a masquerade ball.


I wore my on the shoulder dress from ASOS as I thought this would be a nice in between a ball gown and a cocktail dress. I also wore flat shoes as I didn’t want to fall over in heels, especially at an event like this! I managed to find my mask pretty last minute. It was off of eBay and it was only like £12 or something like that and it worked well with my outfit!


At the event there was a swing band which made the whole night a million times better. They played some of the old classics like ‘Sway’ and they also included some more modern songs like ‘Happy’ by Pharel and also ‘Uptown Funk’. It was so much fun to dance to and I am now desperate to go to another swing dance. The band was insanely talented and I’m hoping that my step sister will use them at their wedding as they were amazing!


During one of the band breaks we were challenged to do the mannequin challenge. I have never taken part in one of these before, but they decided to do this with all of us and it actually turned out amazingly, yes there are a few movers and shakers, but considering the amount of people and also that we did this in one take I think it is pretty incredible!
You can check out our mannequin challenge here… Can you spot me????

I had such a great night at the event and it was so nice to meet some new bloggers and also see some that I have met before like Brogan. Thank you to Bethany for coming with me and a huge thank you to Meetdraw for organising an incredible night!

You can check out mine and Bethany’s vlog for the night here…

Bethany’s vlog is coming soon!