My Current Netflix Binges


There’s nothing I love more than curling up in a blanket with my laptop on my lap and signing into Netflix. This past month and a bit, I have kind of fell back in love with binge watching TV shows on Netflix, so I thought what a better time to tell you about all of the TV series available on the UK Netflix that I have been loving and binging till my hearts content!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


I tell a lot of people about this show and it always surprises me when not many people have heard of it as it is one of my favourite TV shows because it is just so funny! This show is about a woman in her late twenties/early thirties who moves to West Covina, California for a guy that she had dated when she went on a summer camp with him. The first and second seasons of this show are about the pursuit of Josh Chan. The obsessed girl tries to break up Josh’s current relationship so that she can be with him. In and amongst each episode are a couple of original and absolutely hilarious songs that are based on other hit songs. I promise that you will cry laugh with this show!



This is a fairly new show and I’ve only watched a couple of episodes, but its basically another version of Gossip Girl. What more could you want? In this show you follow the elite family, the Carrington’s, who are faced with murder claims, robberies, sex tapes and much more! There is so much drama in this show that I think it is a must see!

Vampire Diaries


Sadly this show has ended and I’m not going to lie, I cried at the ending of the last episode as I was so sad that it was all over after investing 8 years of my life into the Salvator Family, however, because it is over, that means that this is the perfect binging material because you don’t have to wait for another episode. As you can probably tell, this show is about vampires and for the first couple of seasons you could probably argue that this is the TV show of Twilight, however, over the years it has changed from a romance to more action and drama, but there is still a romance element to the show. The cliffhangers at the end of each episode actually kill me and they make me want to quickly press next episode because they are just so darn good and I am so sad that it is all over! I need more!

Chesapeake Shores


I love this show because of how easy it is to watch. Little to no concentration is needed for this show! The show is about a mother and children who live in New York, however move back home to Chesapeake Shores to escape the busy life of New York and move somewhere quieter so that Abby O’Brien can spend more time with her two daughters. In this show, we see Abby reconnect with her family and rekindle a love that she left when she moved to New York. This is a really good show to watch when you are on your own and need some background noise to keep you company! Also, if you are a country music fan (like myself) you will be obsessed with the music in this show as one of the characters is a fairly successful country music star.

The Good Witch


A programme that I started watching because I had finished all my others. I really liked this, its a little bit magical and a little weird. In this story you follow a magical family who live in the town of Middleton, the family includes Cassie and her daughter Grace, both have magical touches that help the people of Middleton. However, this show isn’t quite like a Disney film with its magic, the family is more psychic and can predict the future in a sense that helps the town and the people develop into something better. This show is super relaxing! Catherine Bell’s voice (Cassie) is just so soothing and I could listen to her all day! Definitely a show if you are in need of some relaxation!

Unfortunately, I am running out of shows that I want to binge watch on Netflix! So, if you have any shows that are a must see please let me know in the comments as I would love to see what else I need to be watching! However, I am feeling another marathon of Gossip Girl (and maybe Vampire Diaries!)

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