Night Skincare Routine

I love watching routines on YouTube, so I thought as a good little video for this week I would do my night time skincare routine because skincare is important and I have only been taking real care of my skin for a couple of years!

This was so easy to make because all I had to do was film myself doing something that I do on a daily basis!

I hope you liked this video!

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Again I am back with another photography post and this time it is about the frost that we had a couple of weeks back. In my front garden I have a fountain and the other week it had completely iced over, so I had to get the camera out and take lots of photos of it to show you.

Frost 20-01-15 007Frost 20-01-15 002Frost 20-01-15 009Frost 20-01-15 010

I hope you like these few photos that I have of my fountain frozen over. It was such a site to see! I have never seen the fountain like this! I really want to share more photography with you over the next year! What do you think?



Recently I  have been doing some photography and one thing that I have become obsessed with taking pictures of are clouds and this post is just me showing you all the photographs of clouds.

I decided to do clouds because to me they can be so calming and relaxing to look at. Also, they can never be the same again. They are just so interesting to me and I think they are just beautiful things.

S0 here are some of my photos of clouds that I have taken over the last few months!

Sunsets 004Sunsets 006Sunsets 010Sunsets 016Sunsets 022IMG_3048 (1)

I hope you like them! I am becoming more and more into photography and I want to experiment with new things!


Clothing Haul

In the past few weeks I have been doing some shopping and obviously when I go shopping I buy clothes. Therefore this weeks video is a Clothing Haul video!

I bought clothes from a few shops. Such as Dorothy Perkins, Primark, asos and TU by Sainsburys. My style is definitely evolving into more of a student type wear rather than the girly pretty dressed. Trust me I will not be getting rid of any of those anytime soon because I love them still, but right now I am definitely into the ‘student wear’.

I hope you enjoy this video! I like doing hauls but I never seem to get the chance to do them, I suppose that is because I tend to only buy a few things at a time and there is no point in doing a haul video when you only buy a couple of things!

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Barry M Matte Top Coat

Again I have been on Pinterest (because it is a great time waster!) and I have been looking up different kinds of nail art to see if there were any easy ones I could try! A look that kept popping up was the matte nail look, and I fell in love with this look and I had to just try and recreate these. So I made it my mission to find a Matte Top coat that wasn’t too expensive (you know being a student and all does not leave you with loads of money in the bank!). It took me ages to find one when I first started looking a few months back, I could only find matte nail polishes from Topshop and I didn’t want to have to repurchase all of my favourite colours again, but just in a matte finish. Then I found some  DIY ways to make your nails matte, but that takes time and effort! THEN, on Wednesday in my free I had a Google search and found one from Barry M!

I went out on the Wednesday and bought it! It only cost me £2.69 (because of my student discount, I think it costs £3 something). So on Wednesday night when I got home I looked at Pinterest to see which colour I wanted to try and I chose black, because it looked simple and just amazing in a matte finish!

Haul and Nai 009

Now onto the top coat itself! Like most Barry M nail products I fell in love with this top coat. It made my shiny black nail into a black non-shiny matte nail! It didn’t take forever to dry either, and it turned the nail matte pretty quickly.

FullSizeRender (5)

I added on some gold stripes for a bit of colour, because I felt that the black was too dark for me by itself (I am more of a colourful person than I am dark). These stripes didn’t last too long though 😦 any ways that’s for another time!

Haul and Nai 011

Just yesterday I painted my nails a different colour because I wanted to see what the top coat was like with other colours!

I would really recommend this top coat if you, like me, are looking for a top coat to take away that shine! I am definitely going to be trying out more matte nail looks over the next few weeks, so look out for some of the looks on Instagram and Pinterest, because I am definitely going to be posting them on their, because I feel they are Instagram and Pinteret worthy!

What do you think?


When it Rains

I am one who likes to spend days at home when it is raining and stay in doors and do relaxing things, so I thought I would film it (mainly only because I lost my voice, I had another video planned, but couldn’t do it!)

When it rains I like to sit at home with no makeup, reading a book, internet shopping, spending sometime on the internet and also having candles lit in my room.

Check out the video

Hope you enjoy this video, it’s a little bit different from what I am used to, but I very much enjoyed doing this and maybe I will do some more artsy videos this year.

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2015 Favourites

I can’t believe 2015 has been and gone!

I decided that I would show you all of my favourites from this past year.

2015 Favourites 021.JPG

A product that I cannot live without has to be my holy grail concealer which is obviously the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. It is amazing at covering blemishes and it is also pretty cheap which means I can go through these without breaking the budget!

2015 Favourites 018

I love a good powder, so I had to mention one in my favourites and I have chosen the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I got this in the summer and started using it and I have already hit pan :(. This is seriously in my opinion one of the best powders I have used. I love it!

2015 Favourites 024

The Naked Palette has to be a favourite of mine because when I’m not wearing a bold lip and some eyeliner I am always reaching for this. I love the shades and they glide on the eye so easily.

2015 Favourites 028

Again eyeliner is something that I couldn’t possibly live without, I always need some form of eyeliner on my eye, but the one I have been grabbing is the L’Oreal Perfect Slim Liquid eyeliner. This is just so perfect for that cat eye and its perfect!

2015 Favourites 030

Lipsticks are I think just a favourite for me full stop, so when it came to picking a favourite there was no way that I could pick just one, so I picked 3! The first one is my all time favourite lipstick (which I dedicated a whole blogpost on it) is a MAC lipstick called Dangerous. It is a matte lipstick and its sort of a lovely pilar box red and that is my staple lip product. 9 times out of 10 this will be the lipstick I’m wearing. Another lip product that I have loved is the Topshop Velvet Lips. This again is another matte lip product that is a slightly darker shade of red than the MAC one. I have recently re-discovered this product and I have also been wearing this throughout the Christmas season. The last lip product is this lipstick from Maybeline. It’s in the shade Divine Wine. It is this beautiful plumish redish shade that is again a matte lipstick (I can see a recurring theme here!). There are so many others that I want to mention, but if I did I could be here all day.

2015 Favourites 032.JPG

My skincare favourite of 2015 has to be the Nivea All in One Cleanser and Toner. I use this everyday to take off my makeup. This always clears up any spots that I get when I have been a bit lazy with my skincare routine. This is also really affordable and its by a brand that we all know and trust so therefore for me its perfect.

2015 Favourites 033

I think my favourite hair product has to be the Batiste dry shampoo. I use this when I’m too lazy to have a shower in the morning, this is just a quick fix which is perfect! I have gone through about 2 of the normal size ones this year, so when I saw they had a bigger version I had to get it. I think my favourite scent is the cherry one, but they didn’t have that one in the big size, so I got the original one which is still nice.

I think my favourite film for 2015 was Inside Out. It was an amazing film and I really would like the DVD of it because I just love the film and it teaches kids so many things about emotions and I JUST NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN!

Now its on to TV. Ever since I have got Netflix it has been so easy to binge watch my favourite TV shows and there was no way that I could pick just one. One of my favourites has to be Pretty Little Liars. This show has been full of surprises since the start! I started watching this series at around March time I think and I have finally caught up with it. Othe favourite tv shows include Once Upon a Time, Reign and Downton Abbey (I have rewatched the entitre show in 3 weeks! I need to get out more!)

Now having a YouTube Channel means that I now watch a lot more YouTube videos than I used to, so I have a few of those people that I have been obsessed with this year. Brogan Tate has been one of my absolute favourites this year. I discovered her around June/July time because I was looking for vloggers in Bournemouth because I don’t know about you, but I love seeing areas that I know in other YouTube videos. I have become so obsessed with Brogan’s videos that I can’t wait till 6pm on a Monday for her weekly vlogs. In fact when I see one of her videos in my subscription feed I stop everything to watch it. Plus she is also so sweet and replies to my comments on her videos which always makes me smile. Another YouTube favourite has definitely been Gabriella Lindley (aka velvetgh0st). I have loved watching her vlogs and all of her videos to be honest. I just love how down to earth she is and she is so honest with her viewers!

Continuing with a favourite of 2015 is actually doing YouTube itself. I have really enjoyed making videos at least once a week. I wish I could upload more, but unfortunately I do not have the time to do so. I really enjoyed doing vlogmas because it challenged me to upload everyday which I think I succeeded with the challenge! Perhaps I will give it a go again at some point.

Thanks for joining me on this journey and I hope we can continue it together.

Check out the video version of my 2015 favourites.

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New Year’s Resolution 2016

New Year photos 007


I can’t believe this is 2016 now. My first blog post of the year! It seemed fitting that I wrote a post about my resolutions that I am planning on this year.

Last year I seemed to stick to the one I had made which was ask more questions because the worst thing they can do is say no. This was successful and I suppose I am going to try and continue this through to 2016 and hopefully ask more!

Of course I have all the normal ones such as losing weight, eating a bit more healthier, being more organised and all that stuff that we all say and never do, but I am going to try a little harder this year to keep up with some of that!

I suppose my main new one is to trust myself and my gut instinct more. I have realised that I did not trust myself when it came to certain things. To give you an example (without telling you the whole story!) every time I was on my period (I know the time you are feeling the worst, but bare with me) I felt like I was being left out and that people didn’t like me anymore, in hindsight now I know I shouldn’t ever feel like that with people that I called friends, I found out later that they didn’t like me and that other things were going on. Now I have moved on and found new friends that have made me feel so much happier (and when I’m on my period I don’t feel left out, I feel welcomed!). I feel like a whole lot of drama would not have been caused (and a whole lot of upset) if I had trusted myself for the last 6 months. So therefore the plan is to trust myself!

Those are my New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m looking forward to what 2016 might bring. This year will bring about new changes such as moving country in late August early September to go to university and making new friends. Leaving school and never having to go back and many other exciting things that will happen.

I wish you all the best for 2016 and hopefully you will stick to your New Year’s Resolutions.