Again I am back with another photography post and this time it is about the frost that we had a couple of weeks back. In my front garden I have a fountain and the other week it had completely iced over, so I had to get the camera out and take lots of photos of […]


Recently I  have been doing some photography and one thing that I have become obsessed with taking pictures of are clouds and this post is just me showing you all the photographs of clouds. I decided to do clouds because to me they can be so calming and relaxing to look at. Also, they can […]

When it Rains

I am one who likes to spend days at home when it is raining and stay in doors and do relaxing things, so I thought I would film it (mainly only because I lost my voice, I had another video planned, but couldn’t do it!) When it rains I like to sit at home with […]

2015 Favourites

I can’t believe 2015 has been and gone! I decided that I would show you all of my favourites from this past year. A product that I cannot live without has to be my holy grail concealer which is obviously the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. It is amazing at covering blemishes and it is also […]