So when I take a break from revising for those dreadful exams, I like to do stuff that relaxes me, as most people would! But something I like to do is sewing.  Now yes, I am part of girl guides and in guides we get badges and one of my favourite things to do is […]

Good Luck

I feel like I have neglected the blog this week. That is due to the fact that tomorrow in the UK the retched exam season starts, and typical me I choose the subjects with no course work and so therefore. I have spent the last week cramming everything in. I still don’t feel like any […]

Happy May 1st

Hello everyone, Happy May 1st! For some people May marks the very short time before the summer holidays and for others May marks the fact that we have exams, but lets forget about that! May is definitely that month where Spring becomes Summer and that means a little bit more freedom because of the wonderfulness […]